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Thread: Intellichlor IC40 questions

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    Intellichlor IC40 questions

    my swg is being wierd... i took it off and cleaned it but the light still flashes that it needs to be cleaned... and now that i have added another bag of salt ( i just drained,acid washed, and refilled pool) now of the salt level lights are on... im a 1st summer pool owner and the equiptment came with the home. and ideas????

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    Re: Intellichlor IC40 questions

    Do you know how old it is? How is it being controlled, can you get a salt reading, from an Intelitouch?

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    Re: Intellichlor IC40 questions

    Not sure how old the unit is.. it was there when I bought the house last September... My pool is aprox 12000 gallons and I was 5 bags of salt into salting the pool.. the reading on the unit said salt was low.. and had the water tested and I was at 2700 .. so I added another bag of salt..

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    Re: Intellichlor IC40 questions

    Don't want to scare you, but I had the same problem with my IC40. After ~18 months, the Clean Cell light began coming on all the time. Even after cleaning the cell, it would not stop blinking. Then, my salt readings went all over the place, but mostly to zero, which prevented the cell from doing anything at all.

    Anyway, eventually the cell died altogether. One day, all the lights just stopped working, period. I've verified that I'm getting power from the controller.

    You may want to call Pentair tech support asap, as there is a (small) chance that the unit is still under warranty. Pentair offers a three year warranty if the pool was built with 3 or more Pentair components. For example, a Pentair pump, filter, and control center or Intellichlor would extend the warranty from 1 year to 3 years on all three components.

    My salt cell was built in ~fall 2008. If your's was installed in that same timeframe, you just might have a couple of months remaining on the warranty.
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