I just ordered my AGP and all the other stuff needed except for the ladder. We'd really like to have steps in the pool and not a ladder. My town requires a self closing gate.
What I found was http://www.gomainaccess.com/_ma/inde...-entry-system/ almost perfect and I thought I saw somewhere that you can get a gate for it. I do not see that option on their website so no one knows how to order it if it's still being made.
I will be putting in a deck later this year or next year and would like to be able to use the newly purchased entry system on the deck.
I do not want to spend $400 on a ladder system and then have to buy another system when we get the deck.

Any suggestions?

Confer plastics makes one with the gate and steps but $$$ and sort of ugly. I wish I knew someone close by that I could borrow one for inspection time. Then get the steps with the ladder that locks up. Not sure why that isn't good enough?! I found one on craigs list but it's almost regular price.

I could build a 3 sided gate system but not sure where to begin or what parts I'd need?