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Thread: trying to make final decisions on pool install

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    trying to make final decisions on pool install

    We've narrowed our contractor to 2 diff. co's...........agreed on a 2-speed pump, going w/sand filter, which we're used to. One co. uses pentair , the other uses hayward.....

    NOW ? another confusing issue...............what about the steps? One co. uses the polymer............the other co. likes the steel, covered w/liner................I have to admit, the lined steps look great..
    Anyone have pros and cons?
    Will they wear sooner?
    14 x 28 inground
    We're ready to get things rolling for fall. Just don't want to make any mistakes.
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    Re: trying to make final decisions on pool install

    Welcome to TFP!!

    There are indeed pros and cons to both types of step.

    The problem with the polymer steps is support - some enable you to install PVC pipes to help support the stairs and it does help, but the real issue is that most builders don't bother properly backfilling the stairs ('cause it takes more time and effort )n Without full suppoet, the steps can fail within a couple of years

    The linered steps are much more immune to this problem (but they should still be properly backfilled). The trouble with the linered steps is that the liner will wrinkle, more often than not . Everything has got to be perfect, from the install of the stair panels to the cut of the liner and also the install of the liner - for there not to be a wrinkle somewhere

    The polymer stairs also rely on a screwed down faceplate to secure the gasket, if something is wrong with the gasket, faceplate or any of the screws - you'll have a leak.

    Competence is the key here - go with the builder who has the most!
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: trying to make final decisions on pool install

    We just went through all of this!!! LOL!!! Its a trip!! With regards to the pumps its personal preferrence. but which ever you chose make sure the rest of your equipment stays with the name brand, makes it easier for warranty issues and if you do an automation system down the road it will be much more compatible!

    On the step front- what climate are you in? I am in Ohio- and we chose the polymer steps. Due to the fact in the winter we will have to drop the water level and there for 2 steps wont be covered with water, the liner shrinks and resets- a friend of ours did this and regreted it greatly as the steps are very wrinkled. as well many of the builders we spoke with really diverted us away from those. I loved the look of them but worried about the hassel they seem to cause. From what I have heard and seen- the lined steps do not wear as much as you would think, many use a heavier liner for the steps. You can dress up the polymer steps so they are not as highlighted! They even offer different color choices (most do) and proper backfill is a MUST. I had my PB out there twice filling in where it sounded hollow. He hated the time I made him spend on it but in the end will probably save me thousands.
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