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Thread: What am I getting myself into?

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    What am I getting myself into?

    I'm going to try to attach photo from a pool at house we are looking to buy.

    It's an ABG but is semi buried into ground.The home is vacant and the pool has set uncovered for awhile. Swamp..lots of leaves, bugs and I believe even a decaying squirrel. The realtor has mostly drained it so it will have to be scooped out, refilled and then BBB.

    I didn't think to get the dimensions but it's oval. I noticed some tears at the very top of the liner.

    How hard is it to replace liner and how much $$? Wondering if we shouldn't scoop it out and remove the liner and just start fresh.

    Any ideas?

    I've cleaned up a swamp at my current house but my pool is 18' round and did have leaves and bugs but no rodents lol.

    Yes it's a foreclosure and cheap..but worried what I'm getting into! lol
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    Re: What am I getting myself into?

    It's not a great deal to replace the liner. AGP liners are relatively inexpensive. Draining/pumping out the water then scooping out the debris and replacing the liner is probably your best bet.
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    Re: What am I getting myself into?

    Draining the pool and replacing liner isn't so bad, if the house is a good investment those pool fix ups aren't that bad.
    Is the rest of the pool in good shape: free of rust, relatively straight/even, posts look good, etc etc. Maybe you can measure down from the top rails to the water level and assess the levelness of the pool base.

    Personally I'd worry more about the structural integrity of the pool than draining and replacing the liner. Good luck!!
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    Re: What am I getting myself into?

    Glad to hear it's not too hard of a project. As far as the condition of the pool..not sure. You can't see the outside the way it's built. It's backed into a hill on a slope and there is decking all the way around it. The deck boards are in bad shape so we'll be ripping those up and I can see how the pool itself looks (well I think...hard to tell exactly how this thing is put in lol).

    So should I rip out the old liner and leave the thing for spring or put the new liner in and fill/balance ya think before winter comes? We likely won't move in until October if the deal goes through. We put in a Sep 30 closing date but it might get bumped up 2-4 weeks. It doesn't really start getting cool here until November.
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    Re: What am I getting myself into?

    Wow... the deck between the home and the pool is miniscule!

    I might consider building a dock just so peeps wouldn't fall in.

    I comment not on your questions other than it looks like it holds water fine below the skimmers. I might consider patching and spending a few bucks on chlorine and see how it goes over the winter. Liner can be replaced in the spring and if you're moving in with all that stress, if a patch works for winterizing isn't that one less thing to worry about?

    The deck is freakin me out though, lol. :~}
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    Re: What am I getting myself into?

    LOL..yea I can see it doesn't look that wide. I'm not sure exactly how wide that is but it's bigger than it looks in the picture.
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    Re: What am I getting myself into?

    You might want to remove the parts of the deck that you plan to replace to see what the structure of the pool looks like to be sure it's in good shape before you go too far with it.

    Whether you decide to clean it up now or wait until next Spring, either way I think I would probably replace the liner. If it's already got tears in it, it might just be easier... won't be any less smelly probably though. Clean up of a swamp is certainly possible, but with tears to the liner how long of a life will it have if you try to patch it and leave it. You might just put a lot of work into shocking it into submission only to have to replace the liner sooner than later.
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