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Thread: High salt level?

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    Mike S

    High salt level?

    Late last week and over the weekend I added salt to my pool in preparation for putting in a SWG (PoolPilot Digital). I tested the pool initially with test strips and used the pool calculator to determine how much salt I'd need. It came out to about 10 40# bags. I dumped four in, waited a day and tested again. I then put in another five and waited two days and tested again with a result of around 2800 to 2900 ppm. I rested again with the same results on Tuesday. I figured that I'd wait to see what the SWG said before adding anymore salt. I installed the SWG last night and started it up. The salt reading was 3800 ppm last night and this morning after running it all night. Is it unusual to see that much of a discrepancy between the test strip and the SWG? We can taste the salt so I'm leaning towards the higher number being correct. Is it worth pumping water at this point or should I just not worry about it since I'll be closing the pool and lowering the water in about 2 to 3 months?

    Some other number:

    25,000 gallon plaster pool
    CYA 50
    TA 130
    Ca Hardness 260
    pH 7.2

    I'm bumping the CYA up, but obviously don't want to add stabilizer if I'm going to exchange water. I'm also working on knocking my TA down a bit, by lowering the pH.

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    Re: High salt level?

    If the swcg's happy with that number and making chlorine then I'd leave it alone. Go ahead and bump the CYA up a bit.
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    Re: High salt level?

    I have my salt level just a bit below your final number and we can taste salt in our water as well. At the beginning of the season after our initial fill up, the swg indicated our salt levels were too low.. but even then I could taste the salt in the water. I think tasting the salt is varies from person to person. I can taste the salt in our pool but find it much more palatable than the ocean. I didn't realize how much difference there was until we went for a trip to the beach during spring break and I took a quick swim... very different than the pool levels!

    If I were you I'd leave it where it is so long as your swg is working ok. You will lose some through splashing, back washing, etc. over time.
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    Mike S

    Re: High salt level?


    The taste doesn't bother us and the swg isn't complaining. I'll leave it be and just get closer to the target level next year.

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    Re: High salt level?


    There are no concerns with regards to the Pool Pilot unit. It's happy with high salt levels and in fact lets the power supply run cooler.
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