Hi I just purchased a Jandy CL filter off eBay. It seems there is someone selling a bunch of these brand new. I think its a very good deal. My impression of the CL 580 is it is a good filter. It was new in the box. Only concern I had was the inlet was only 10" off the ground making add 2 extra 90 degree fittings to reach the inlet. The handles make it easier to get the top off, although the clamp is not much joy. Only thing weird is that the manifold is at the top as opposed to the bottom on most of the competito filters. This might add extra head loss to fight gravity but might ensure more complete filtering?

If I was deciding between the 340 and 460 I would get the 340 bc the only difference is the pleat count and you could upgrade to the higher pleat count filters in the future. I went with the 580 bc it seemed to be a good deal and I wanted the most efficient filter I could find.

Overall I think it's a good filter. Btw I thought my pressure gauge on the filter should read lower than my s220t sand filter that I replaced in circulate mode. But it stayed the same at 19psi