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Thread: Pentair valve kit- 261050

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    Pentair valve kit- 261050

    I need help getting a plumbing answer to a Pentair valve kit; 261050. Does anyone out there have one and can tell me how did you plumb it?

    I have a Pentair multi port valve kit (valve number 261050) for a sand filter. The ports on the side are labeled Return and Waste. I asked the salesman where I bought it how to plumb it and was told that the Return line came in from the pump and the Waste line ran to the heater. The line coming out the bottom was for the Back flush hose. From the perspective of the filter, this made sense to me. Water “returned” to the filter and “waste” is something that leaves. (Why didn’t Pentair say “in and out”)

    So, I had it plumbed that way and, of course, it doesn’t work. No matter what position the handle is in, water rushes out the “back flush” hole at the bottom. Pentair doesn’t have plumbing instructions online and it didn’t come with any, which is why I had to ask in the first place.

    I have called Pentair, talked to two different reps each gave me a different answer and both answers were different from how it’s plumbed now. Is there anyone out there that has this valve, that it’s working properly, and can tell me how to plumb it?


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    Re: Pentair valve kit- 261050

    The port labeled "Return" is to return water to the pool. If you have a heater it gets plumbed to there then to the pool.
    The port labeled "Waste" is just what it says. Water that's to be wasted. It gets plumbed to the sewer or waste hose, whichever you have.
    The port under the bottom (should be labeled "Pump") is from the pump discharge.
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    Re: Pentair valve kit- 261050

    Thanks Dave. You are the 2nd person (out of 4) to say that. I appreciate the help.


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    Re: Pentair valve kit- 261050

    Does this valve have a sight glass? If not, where would you install one?
    Is the port coming out the bottom (middle) used for anything?
    I assume the backwash port is on the side.
    The plate bottom part # 4623-11B looks symetrical

    Can you modify the valve so that you can have the backwash line coming out the opposite side of the valve?
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