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Thread: Rash, is it the pool?

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    Rash, is it the pool?

    my pool water is crystal clear. I only have the test strips, so i don't know an exact amount of any of the chemicals, i do know that the pH is "very low" pretty much everything on the test strip is either low or very low. But i have a feeling that this rash may not have to do with the chemicals and here is why:

    a while back we got a little kiddy pool, it was a cheap $10 pool that held about 95 gal. i "swam" in it 3 times, there was no use of chemicals whatsoever. well at first i thought i had a sunburn, i was itchy all over my torso, arms, and legs only (not face or hands or anything). after two days the itching didn't stop. Well i thought it could have been the "pool" so i stopped getting in it and after about a week the itching went away. It was a very strange rash, no bumps, just itching, and it would only stay red for a while after scratching. (no one else in my family got this rash).

    well shortly after that we bought an intex above ground pool, we know nothing about pools and got the "starter" chemical kit that came with chlorine shock and tablets and then got the algecide, and pH up and down. I probably sound like a clueless newbie and that sums it up. anyway after testing the pool, the strip said everything was in the "okay" range, and i swam, and later that evening got itchy all over again, same exact thing. So i am wondering if anyone else has heard of or experienced a water/pool related rash, and why would i get the rash, when no one else does, even though i got it without any chemicals in the water at all, and now with chemicals??? And i'm almost positive it is the pool because when i stop going in the pool the itching subsides, and then when i get in the pool, the minute i get out i get my itching back, its driving me crazy, and i can't find any info online about this
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    Re: Rash, is it the pool?

    Welcome to TFP!

    You might want to take a look at these two articles.

    ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry

    Recommended Levels

    What your test strips say is okay and what really works may vary quite a bit.

    Do you get much sun normally? A "sun allergy" is not uncommon, so it could be the sun rather than the water.
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    Re: Rash, is it the pool?

    I agree with John T,.......... are you taking any kind of medication that may react with sunlight?
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    Re: Rash, is it the pool?

    It would also be good to see a full set of test results to understand where the water really stands. It sounds like you don't have a good test kit (should get one), but pool store numbers will be better than nothing.
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    Re: Rash, is it the pool?

    I suspect the algaecide.
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    Re: Rash, is it the pool?

    low pH

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