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Thread: Pool design and specs - opinion

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    Pool design and specs - opinion

    We've received our first bid on a new pool, so I thought I'd share the specs here and get some feedback. I've never owned a pool before, so I want to get some expert opinions to make sure I get the best quality I can for my money.

    Natural shape diving pool and spa with stone coping and a 30+ weeping wall
    Pool dimensions: 43' x 19.2'
    Square feet: 655'
    Perimeter: 118'
    Depth: 3.6' to 8.6'

    2 Pentair skimmers
    2" return lines w/ 1 1/2" inlets
    2" schedule 40 drain lines and backwash
    2" schedule 40 suction - spa
    2" schedule 40 forced air line - spa
    2" schedule 40 return "balanced"
    6 hydrotherapy jets

    3/8 #3 rebar on 8" grid w/ alternate bars in stress areas
    12" x 12" 4 bar box beam on the top perimeter using 1/2" #4 rebar

    Jandy Pro DE60 Filter with backwash
    2.0HP Jandy Variable speed ePump
    Polaris 280 BlackMax w/ 3/4hp booster pump
    Jandy Fusion Soft SWG with Nature2 (I know, I've read the opinions here)
    Jandy Lxi 400k BTU heater
    Jandy handheld wireless remote PDA controller
    Jandy Never Lube valves
    Jandy Levelor
    Nexxus LED lights - 3 pool, 1 spa
    2 color stamped concrete decking - 635 sq ft
    Stonescape pebble finish

    Total price: $62,300

    This seems a little high, but it looks like the equipment is all from the upper end of the Jandy line. I'm not sure I need 3 LED's in the pool, so that could save a few hundred dollars. I might be willing to give up the weeping wall and replace with just coping. Is Stonescape really the same as PebbleTech?

    Based on what I've listed here, would this be a quality pool? Seems so to me, but I'd like some opinion.

    Here's a rendering of what it will look like.
    20' x 40' / 33,000 gallon / IG / Vinyl
    200lb sand filter / 1hp pump
    4hrs full sun with about 45 min part sun before and after

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    Re: Pool design and specs - opinion

    I am curious as to why the PG uses Nexxus Lights and not Jandy's LEDs. Anyway, The pool will need at least 2 and the spa 1. The third they suggest should even the glow in the pool. Point them away from the house to avoid a night time glare.

    Pool costs vary from area to area. For my area, that would seem to me to be a very reasonable cost but in parts of Florida, for example, the might be steep and in San Francisco that might seem too good to be true.

    I recommend meeting with a few PBs or designers and getting a couple designs.

    I do like the design.

    I would spec in no Flex pipe.

    The spa should have 2.5: suction. The air shouldn't need 2" pipe for the air loop. Unlike water, air compresses quite easily. The blower isn't mentioned,

    How far away will the equipment pad be? This can effect plumbing size needs.

    The model of the spa's jets should be specified. Height will come later.

    Stonescapes is a very good product. The plaster team is a variable.

    Is electrical included?

    While I prefer Pentair equipment, Jandy/Zodiac is right up there in quality and engineering. I am not big on the Fusion system because of the N2.

    Coping and tile?

    The rebar is good. I don't see wall and floor gunite info though.

    Any contingencies for hitting rock or water during the dig? Have they dug in your neighborhood before?

    Have you spoken with neighbors that have had pools put in? They can give you an idea as to whether a soiis engineer's report is worth pursuing for ground suitability and stability. Forewarned is forearmed. Finding a problem on dig day can cost you both time and money and if it's already accounted for ahead of time, it will cost less.

    Any utility lines, sewer, or water lines near the proposed site for the pool or pad? Any local code required set backs?

    Who's pulling the permits?

    What is the proposed payment schedule and associated milestones?

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