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Thread: Leaky pipes in pool house

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    Leaky pipes in pool house

    I just bought a new house with a pool. Thanks for all the help in getting the water fixed. Now to the pipes!
    Sorry if this has been covered in other posts, I don't seem to have much luck using the search feature. Thanks for a pointer if you can suggest anything; I've gone through the entire Pool School.

    I seem to have leaky pipes in the pool house. I hope these are the only leaks, but I'm losing over an inch/week:

    1. What looks like an old and very rusty guage of some type at top of filter. Now leaking. Can I just replace this with a brass fitting to close it off? It looks like it might be 3/8 NPT.

    2. Leaky line back to pool (upper 2 hose clamps seem to be leaking, lower connection is the strange bypass asked about as point 4):

    3. Main problem seems to be coming from the accessory pump that drives the vacuum cleaner. Water is coming from the pump at the motor shaft and filling up this opening. It leaks a bit all the time and a lot when the pump is running. Can I buy a new seal or seal kit for this pump? How hard is this to DIY? I'm an average DIY'er (can do my own brakes and valve adjustments on my bike):

    This is the motor:

    This is the pump:

    4. Question 4: Why is there a very small hose bypassing the filter and heater and going back into the return (and leaking where it connects to the return.) It can be seen in the first photo and the return connection shows in the 3rd photo.

    Many thanks in advance for the suggestions.
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    Re: Leaky pipes in pool house

    1) Replace the gauge with a new one. They're cheap and you'll need it in order to know when you should backwash the filter.
    2) Take the clamps off and clean everything up good and replace the clamps with some new hy torque models.
    3) You can buy a seal kit for it. It's pretty easy to change the seal. The hardest part will be getting the pump apart. Apply plenty of penetrant to the bolts before trying to remove them.
    4) That was most likely the connections for an offline tablet feeder. It's common to just tube the connections together when removing one from the system. I'd rather the holes be plugged but it's easy to just connect the tubing between them.
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    Re: Leaky pipes in pool house

    Thanks so much! The area is now dry and I can read a guage to see when to backwash, instead of just doing it weekly. Whoo Hoo!

    Oval pool, Aqua Rite SWG
    80000 l, 22000 Gal
    Vinyl liner, Sand filter, natural gas heater

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