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Thread: how is my pool.

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    how is my pool.

    I am new to the pool scene... about a month now. I have been useing the BBB method. Great site, I am learning a lot. I have a crystal clear pool. My wife seems to think it is slimy here or there. But... I read some threads of the slimy issue. So i vac'd the pool to day and tested for CC and was zero. So here is my numbers...

    FC - 5.5 i added to much chlorine before testing. Filter ran about an hour before testing
    CC - 0
    CYA - 30
    TA - 140
    PH - 7.8
    CH - 60

    Temp about 84 deg. Should I try and lower my TA? or anything else need adjusting? Oh I am useing liquid chlorine 12.5% from pool store.
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    Re: how is my pool.

    You could lower your pH with muriatic acid. You don't have to go far, use to determine what will put you at about 7.5. I wouldn't say it's necessary though. Generally though, everything looks good to me!
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    Re: how is my pool.

    Why don't you tell us? You live with it.

    I used to see it all the time at work at my old job.
    "I want to know if my AC is working."
    "Does it blow cold?"
    "Then it's working."

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    I never even look at that chart in Pool School; I use Pool Calculator to check CSI, so I just use the recommendations there, and tend to maintain FC near the upper end of the range for a little insurance.
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