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Thread: Suction Leak

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    Suction Leak

    I have air in my pump basket and need some suggestions on how to go about troubleshooting. My pump is new and the seal and drain plugs seem to be fine. Also did not run my pump for 4 days anticipating some investigation work this weekend, and upon "breaking" the union fitting, the water in the system drained - suggesting to me that the vacuum was maintained over the 4 days I did not run. I only have one line going out to the skimmer so it's a pretty simple system. Aside from replacing all the PVC plumbing at the pump - are there simple tests I could do to try and find the source of the air?

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    Re: Suction Leak

    Is it an inground or above ground pool?
    Is it a single speed or 2-speed pump?
    Do you see bubbles in the basket as the pump is running?
    Is the skimmer weir operating freely?
    Is the water level 2/3rd's to 3/4th's up on the face of trhe skimmer?
    Is the skimmer creating a vortex sucking in air?
    Did you clean and lube the o-ring and drain plug(s)?

    If you're seeing bubbles, run a water hose over the pump basket and fittings and if it stops you've found your leak.
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    Re: Suction Leak

    In ground pool, single speed pump.

    Yes the basket has a good amount of air in it as the pump is running (probably 1/2 inch or so is air).

    Skimmer weir works correctly and water level is good, with no vortex.

    Will try cleaning the o-ring and drain plugs.

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