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Thread: Aquarite Still Generating with High Salt

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    Aquarite Still Generating with High Salt

    I have searched extensively for this issue but have been unable to find is my situation

    Have an aquarite system with a t-cell 15 (pool is inground 35,000 gallons). A few weeks ago my salt readings kept dropping, and since it is summer here in Florida with rain and evaporation I didn't think much of it and kept adding salt. The level kept going down, and when I had my salt tested it was reading above 4000, so I concluded that my cell had probably gone bad (about 3.5 years old). I ordered a new t-cell 15 and installed it, and although it was showing salt at 4400, it indicated it was still generating. I left it running for 24 hours, but no change. I figured there must be something else wrong. After some research I discovered the varistor (SL32) issue, and since I live in area with a lot of lightening I decided to check it out. Sure enough, there were the tell tale burn marks around the SL32 connections to the circuit board. So I ordered a new one (and a spare in case it happens again) and swapped it out last night. Checked that I had continuity between the SL32 and the other components down the line, and put it all back together.

    The unit starts up and runs as normal. All of my diagnostic settings are within the proper range (pulled those from other posts on this site). However, my salt is still reading 4300 and the unit still says it is generating instead of giving me the high salt indicators which is what it did in the past. I have run the recalibration several times, but the instant salt reading keeps coming up the same...sometimes even higher (has gone from 4000 back to 4300). Since having my salt tested I have drained and added fresh water...not sure exactly how much as I have just left a hose siphoning it off with another adding fresh water on the other side, but it should have been enough to lower the readings. I will take another sample in after the weekend to see if there really is any chlorine being generated.

    The other issue the box is getting quite hot. I have read here that is normal as well when it is generating, but I never noticed it getting that hot before. I wonder if it is because it is generating with a high salt level.

    So any ideas/suggestions? Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Aquarite Still Generating with High Salt

    mine is reading 4000 and is working fine
    if it gets too high (dont know what that is) a light will go off and let you know
    youll need to siphon out alot of water and add alot of water
    to get that level down
    11,000 gal inground fiberglass pool
    Aquarite SWG system

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    Re: Aquarite Still Generating with High Salt

    Thanks for the replay Ryan. Just seems odd to me...before whenever it was over about 3400 it would just say "hi" and give me the flashing light. Although that was usually just after salt was added (which I guess I have learned is not a good thing either).
    As long as it is generating I don't really care as with the heat and the rain it will knock the level back down eventually. But I guess I can assume it won't be operating at optimal levels? Can it damage anything or shorten the cell life running that high?

    Thanks again...

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