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Thread: Overnight infestation of larvae

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    Overnight infestation of larvae

    What happened to my beautiful pool? It is hot here in WNY, like everywhere. We have had tons of guests over the past week to swim in our 22,000 gallon IG gunite pool. This past Sunday it looked cloudy so we shocked it. A few days later we backwashed it. The chemicals by test strip are all balanced. Yesterday Evening it was perfect! My husband said it looked fine when he turned on the filter this morning. This afternoon we came out to swim and found leaves from the trees nearby floating. It has been a bit windy. I notice a bit of green on the floor of the pool, so I started to brush it and noticed thousands of larvae. Looks like puffed rice with a dark spot in the center. Some moved but most are just dead on the bottom.
    My plan is to shock the pool and vacuum. Do you think that will solve the problem? Is there anything else I should do? My parents put this pool in 30 years ago and we have NEVER seen this.

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    Re: Overnight infestation of larvae

    It is likely you see green on the floor because you hit it hard with chlorine once, and considered that shocking the pool. Shocking your pool is a process, not a product or a one-time addition of said products.

    Please visit this link so you'll understand the process of shocking your pool. I do want to pass along that test strips are not going to be adequate to properly test your pool's chemistry during the shock process, or really at all in my opinion.

    It would be helpful if you could post a complete set of chemistry numbers, if possible.
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    Re: Overnight infestation of larvae

    The size of puffed rice with black centers? Sounds like frog eggs. Do you have frogs nearby?

    Keep your pump running, brush when you have the time to get them off the bottom, and put a skimmer sock or an old nylon folded over the rim of the skimmer basket to act as a pre-filter. Vacuuming will probably get most of them up as well.

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