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Thread: ?????? about cart filters

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    ?????? about cart filters

    ok being a new pool guy i have had those junk intex cart filters and are just that junk. next year im stepping up in pool size and want the best i can afford to keep the pool clean with less up keep.

    i was leaning towards a sand filter but after reading more into it i see the cart look like a better option. no back washing just clean filter maybe twice a season. i have seen some say once a year if they have a larger filter....

    i will be stepping up to a 24ftx52 has close to 13,000 gallons. what's the least size cart system should i look into and what would be a good overkill to where it will last me a great deal of time without having to clean? Also whats pump size?

    with the sand filter i see allot of people saying the size of the pump will lesson the performance of the filter due to there being to much water going threw it at once. so that being said that means less water being filtred. so lets say i get a 175 sq.ft filter and it calls for a 3/4 pump i could step it up to lets say a hp and a 1/2 to clean way more water in the same time correct?

    any advice on this would be great, oh also will a swg have any effects on a cart filter system?

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    Re: ?????? about cart filters

    For a 13,000 gallon pool, I'd recommend no less than a 200 ft² cartridge filter. If you can afford larger then go for it.

    I also recommend a 3/4 hp full rated or a 1 hp uprated 2-speed pump.

    You don't want to oversize the pump. Filters work better at lower flows. It's better to run a pump on low speed longer than to run too high of a flow rate through the filter. You'll also save money by running a pump on low speed.
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    Re: ?????? about cart filters

    A couple of things to comment on....

    1. Carts are not necessarily better than sand. If they were, there would be NO sand filters. All three types of filters have advantages and disadvantages so you need to study a little more and decide which one best suits your need.

    2. DO NOT get a 1.5 hp pump for that pool. A .75hp pump is perfectly adequate. Anything bigger will cost you a lot more in electricity and provide no advantage. Match that pump to a filter that is rated about 25% larger in gpm's than the pump and you will have a nice match for that size pool.
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