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Thread: Was converting above ground to salt a bad idea?

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    Was converting above ground to salt a bad idea?

    We converted our 18'x52" above ground pool 3 years ago. Last year I noticed the top rails were rusting. This year it's worse. Our deck hangs over the part of the rail were its rusted. Was it a bad idea to have done this? Did I void the warranty? How can I change it back without empty the pool? Also I've had replace the bearings in the pump 2 times since I've had the pool. Is the salt affecting that too?

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    Re: Was converting above ground to salt a bad idea?

    You probably did void the warranty. Most mfg's have a clause in the warranty that voids it if you add a swcg.
    Having said that, there are literally thousands of people here with a swcg that have had no problems.
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    Re: Was converting above ground to salt a bad idea?

    You have to drain to remove the salt...but I wouldn't. The rusting top rail may be due to being sheltered from the sun and therefore not drying out as fast as the rest or the rail. I highly doubt the bearings are being significantly effected by the saltwater or there would be more reports of the that on this forum.
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    Re: Was converting above ground to salt a bad idea?

    Is there anything I can do to stop it from further rusting? Should I replace them?

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    Re: Was converting above ground to salt a bad idea?

    Which salt system are you using? And what salt level are you maintaining? Excessive salt levels, greater than 6000 ppm, can cause corrosion, even to your pump bearings.
    Is the part of the rail that's rusted also a section where people stand on the deck and drip pool water around that area? This may cause a higher concentration of salt to end up on your rail. Do you normally rinse off that part of your deck or get regular rainfall? This would normally dilute and rinse off the salt.

    At this point, how bad is the rust? Rust through the top rail? Is it possible to sand it down and spray some rustoleum on it, as a fix?
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