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Thread: Pool Dreaming/Designing in Cincinnati

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    Pool Dreaming/Designing in Cincinnati

    Hey everyone, LOVE the Forum!!! Just found it a couple of days ago, and I've been hooked!!! The wife isn't too happy about my new addiction, this forum, because we don't even have a pool... yet! So, my wife is 16.5 weeks pregnant with our first child, and I am loving the idea of having a pool to spend time with the little ones in (more are planned). My wife grew up with a vinyl IG pool and I had an AG pool and a free standing hot tub for most of my childhood, with both of us having so many good memories.

    So the game plan is for me to steal as much knowledge from the community within the next ~1-1.5 yrs, so I can break ground in the Fall of 2012 (off season discount from PB?) Really just in the researching stages right now, haven't met with any PBs, but I wanted to get some insight right off the bat. I've created a design for a pool that would make me and my wife happy, but I have NO idea if it would even be financially feasible... SO "guestimates" would be very much appreciated by any and all.

    I've approximated the "dream pool" to be ~40,000 gallons (the first time I calculated it though it came out as ~33,000?). Off the top of my head, I would like;
    - ~900 sq ft of decking
    - Gunite Pool Shell
    - Pebble Sheen finish
    - Automatic Pool Cover
    - 2" Drain lines (Assuming 2), 2" Skimmmer lines (2?) and 1.5" returns (6-ish???) plumbed separately to the pad
    - Appropriate sized filter
    - Appropiate sized hp VS pump (the Pentairs sound nice)
    - Raypak Gas Heater
    - Some sort of Solar Heater would be awesome!!!
    - Is automation nice to have/worth it?
    - 2 LED lights
    - 2 Bubblers in the 6" deep tanning shelf
    - Recommended pool testing kit for the BBB method

    Am I missing anything important? I like the idea of a salt water pool, but for some reason a SWG scares me (I don't know why), so I would probably just dissolve a few thousand ppm water softner salt instead. I've included a sketch below with some questions/concerns/is this even possible/help, type of issues. Problems numbered below:

    1. I love the idea of a 6" deep, 1' wide ledge around the pool for easy in and out for the kids, and for them to grab on to if tired (me too); however, would this even be feasible because of the skimmers? Could the ledge just be notched where the skimmers would go as the gunite goes in? Also, would this ledge get enough circulation to prevent frequent algae growth? Or is this ledge idea just a horrible idea and a waste?

    2. Any idea on number and location for returns?

    3. Are there size limitations for automatic pool covers for L-Shaped pools?

    Sorry for the overwhelming first post!!! I'm sure I'll think of more questions as the process continues, and thanks in advance for any and all replies. This Forum has a wealth of knowledge, and I am amazed and grateful for all who contribute.
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    Re: Pool Dreaming/Designing in Cincinnati

    The deep end is too short. Stretch it out a few more feet.

    L shaped pools usually need cover tracks on the deck for a single spool design, and at 40' long, that isn't a good idea. Even a dual spooled system would require a 40' long leading edge. Over the pool with 20 ' of unsupported edge is not happening either. IMO, a KatchAKid net may be better suited, certainly less costly.

    Fence the pool with gate latches the little one's can't reach.

    Teaching them to swim early is so important. Vital!

    Your looking at a close to $100K project.

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    Re: Pool Dreaming/Designing in Cincinnati

    FYI, gunite is insanely expensive in the Cincinnati area (I'm in NKY). Almost every pool builder around here does vinyl for much cheaper. For the type of pool you want, you're looking at around double the cost for gunite.

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