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Thread: baquacil levels for conversion

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    baquacil levels for conversion

    My Baquacil level is at 70, can I convert with it that high, the pool store told me I need to wait until it is all out of the pool?

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    Re: baquacil levels for conversion

    It will use more chlorine the higher the level is. I don't know how long the level takes to go down, but you certainly can do it with the level that high.
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    Re: baquacil levels for conversion

    Thank you, just wanted be sure, just got my test kit today, need to ph level right first!

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    Re: baquacil levels for conversion

    I just started my conversion about a week ago. Do not waste your time with any chemicals to help decrease your baqua levels. They dont work (60.00 later and 2 weeks wait time) I ended up draining about 1/2 our pool and adding tap to dilute the levels. When I started the conversion my levels were around 20-30. I still ended up using so far about 45 gallons of bleach or so.... I have 7500 gallon pool. I think I am almost done!

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    Re: baquacil levels for conversion

    Thank you, I haven't tried to lower the baquacil level, just still trying to lower the ph, using muriatic acid, just wondering if I should start now or wait until levels get lower, my pool is 30 ft round, 21,200 gal, sand filter, and I have a well, but don't want to drain anymore than I have to because of strain on the well, I know I will have to refill as I backwash. Thanks for any and all help!

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    Re: baquacil levels for conversion

    Higher baquacil levels mean using more bleach to do the conversion, but otherwise don't make the process any more complicated.
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    Re: baquacil levels for conversion

    I am on day 7 of the process and things are finally looking up. Getting anxious with all the 90 degree weather we have been having. Good luck!

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    Re: baquacil levels for conversion

    started adding bleach on wednesday evening, used only 9 182 oz bottles another 9 the next day, 4 on friday and today only needs 2.8, something just doesnt seem right, I have no goo, not using that much bleach, psi isnt raising that high, I have backwashed 3 times and water is just a creamy yellow color, I have chlorine every morning when I test and I bring up to 15 each evening.

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    Re: baquacil levels for conversion

    It depends partly on the size of your pool and how much baquacil was in there to start with. Are you testing every hour or so to maintain your level to 15 throughout the day? Or are you just dosing it to 15 in the evenings (that's going to take a lot longer) The heavier you hit it the quicker the process. Not everyone gets the rainbow of colors, mine just kind of went to a funky greenish and I didn't have much crud either (until I cleaned out the sand at the end of conversion....yuck!). Every conversion is different.
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    Re: baquacil levels for conversion

    The pool store told me my baquacil was at 70, my pool is 30 ft round, and everytime I test I have chlorine, I bring it up to 15 ever evening, havent been to check it during the day because I'm at work, but will hit harder the next few days. Thanks!

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    Re: baquacil levels for conversion

    Just wanted to say, it was a long process, but worth every bottle of bleach, the water is crystal clear and everyone is bragging on it. It hasn't looked this good in years. So glad I can stop throwing my money down the drain. Thank you so much!

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