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Thread: Always fighting algae

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    Always fighting algae

    I have noticed over the past two years that algae is a consistent issue. I have to brush a minimum of every three days and shock weekly to keep things in check. If I do this my water stays clear and I have minimal algae growth...can barely see it when brushing. Is this normal?? I do have a decorative 400 gallon pond right next to my pool...literally two feet away from my pool with a small stream and waterfall acting as my pond filter. Could this be a constant source of algae spores to the pool?? I'm thinking this is the case and I will just have to deal with this issue or get rid of the pond...

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    Re: Always fighting algae

    As long as your pool is in balance, what's around it won't really matter. In regards to shocking, you should rarely, if ever, have to shock your pool.

    Can you post a full set of pool chemistry numbers?

    FC - Free Chlorine
    CC or TC - Combined Chlorine or Total Chlorine
    pH -
    TA - Total Alkalinity
    CH - Calcium Hardness
    CYA - Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer/conditioner)
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    Re: Always fighting algae

    Could this be a constant source of algae spores to the pool?? I'm thinking this is the case and I will just have to deal with this issue or get rid of the pond...
    Once you get (and keep) adequate chlorine levels in your pool, algae will be a thing of the past. It is unrelated to your pond.
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    Re: Always fighting algae

    It would be more accurate to say that if you follow the described approach, you don't see the algae growing. It's there, it's growing, you're just managing to keep it at a low enough level to not be obvious to the naked eye. It's still a problem. A single proper shock process should deal with it.
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    Re: Always fighting algae

    My numbers last test were pH 7.6, FC 2ppm, CC 0ppm, Alkalynity 80, CYA 60 my hardness was low but it's a vinyl lined pool.

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    Re: Always fighting algae

    If you're cya is 60, then your chlorine is to low, that's why you are always fighting algae. Your chlorine needs to be at a minimum of about 5 and NEVER drop below that. Every time it drops below the minimum, algae starts to grow. You need to raise your chlorine level to 24 to shock it, and keep adding liquid chlorine to maintain the shock level of 24 until you pass the overnight test.
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    Re: Always fighting algae

    Welcome to TFP

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    Yes, you should shock your pool, but it is not a one time event, it is a process.

    Use the PoolCalculator.Com to figure doses for you.

    Lots of folks around here willing and able to help you.

    Post back in this thread with questions.
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