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Thread: Self draining cover?

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    Self draining cover?

    I need a way to cover a pool, to block most of the light, but to keep water off the cover. Ideally I really need it to cover completely so that an animal couldn't drink out of it. Basically I need one of those nice mesh covers, but have to spend as little as possible.

    Could I make hundreds of small holes in my black tarp, all over it, to let the rain water drain through? I am hoping it would stay suspended over the pool water level, held taut by the sandbags? If this would not work, is there an alternate version that would? If necessary, perhaps I could put grommets or otherwise reinforce the holes I make. The tarp I have is, unfortunately, torn a little, but I thought it would be okay, being closer to the edge of the pool.

    Another idea is to use black mesh fabric I have, the tennis court type. The type that blocks 90% or 95% of the light and/or wind. The fabric is only 6 feet wide and would need multiple strips sandbagged down. I feel like this would work even better being in multiple pieces instead of one huge tarp. That fabric is made to withstand weather, but I still worry about it being soaking wet for long. I believe it would be okay, any input on this? I could cinch up the material every week or two, as needed. I figure they would sag even though most water drains through.

    Or some kind of plastic/vinyl sheeting with holes drilled, but I doubt that would work unless the sheets were 18 feet wide to go across the width, and I still doubt it.

    Are there any other ideas for covering it that takes care of the rainwater? If there aren't any other ideas, I will have to pump the water off manually, but it's difficult due to being out of town.
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    Re: Self draining cover?

    There are pumps made specifically for pool cover applications. You just plug it in and place it on your cover, it will drain the water off when it is present and turn off when it's dry. Do a google search for pool cover pump and you should come up with something.
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