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Thread: pH meter

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    pH meter

    with the accu test digital meter getting no so great reviews, can i use the hanna pH meter i use for my fish tanks to measure pH for my pool?

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    Re: pH meter

    You can use the Hanna meter. I have one that I used to use but found that keeping it calibrated was a pain so now I just use the pH test that came in the TF-100. Which you should have, and if not you should get one. The TF-100 I mean.
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    Re: pH meter

    Digital or mechanical pH meters are a PITA. You have to calibrate it before each use and who wants to spend the time? Just use the drop test, it's fast and accurate.
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    Re: pH meter

    what is a speedstir?

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    Re: pH meter ... r-p56.html

    It makes doing the CH test a WHOLE lot easier.
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    Re: pH meter

    I use the Hanna meter to verify, if I'm feeling color blind but not often. It is more "work" than a quick drop test. I would not buy one however, the one we have was free.

    Taylor's PH (large comparator) is easier to read than HTH's OTO comparator in my opinion. I don't have Taylor's OTO so I can't compare it to the HTH OTO although I assume they are about the same. Taylor phenol red in 2oz is about $6 locally whereas .75oz is $5. Weird. The big test block was $15 and I'm glad I got it. I am regularly wrong about PH using the HTH OTO block.
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