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Thread: Looking for advice on what pump to get

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    Looking for advice on what pump to get

    I'm currently wanting to change the pump on our pool for a few reasons. First reason is to save energy, second is to make it MUCH quieter (bedroom on other side of wall as pump), and the third is I can receive a rebate to accomplish the first two reasons but limited to what pumps I can get.

    These are my options...
    • Hayward EcoStar[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • Jandy ePump JEP 1.5 or 2.0[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • Pentair IntelliFlo VS or VF[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • Sta-rite IntelliPro VS[/*:m:2ce3uayz]

    Now for my pool specs...
    • 12,500 Gallons (between pool and spa)[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • Sta-rite System:3 Cartridge filter[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • 2 Jandy JVA2440 valves for switching between pool & spa modes[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • 2 Sta-rite Max-E-Glas II pumps (1 for spa booster and 1 as main pump... the one I'm wanting to replace)[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • Sta-rite Max-E-Glas pump for solar booster[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • Sta-rite gas water heater[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • 2.25" PVC piping (at least that is my guess with an outside diameter of 2.37")[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • Jandy Aqualink RS 6-button controller in house with panel inside electrical box saying RS8 (I don't know the "insides" of this system, only basic programming at control panel)[/*:m:2ce3uayz]

    I'm wanting to know which pump from the first list would be best for:
    • Energy efficiency (I'd believe most are close considering they are eligible for same rebate)[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • Quietest[/*:m:2ce3uayz]
    • Ease of integration with control[/*:m:2ce3uayz]

    I believe that I wish to run the pump nearly constantly at relatively low flow rates most of the time instead of just a few hours a day on my single-speed pump, at least that is what I think I want to do from what I've read. Because of the Aqualink system I have (which I have little knowledge of what is behind it other than the menu for adjusting run times), I'm thinking that the Jandy ePump would be easiest to integrate, but that is just an assumption. If I where to chose Jandy, what is the difference between 1.5 & 2? If my 6-button controller doesn't work well with VS pumps, what are my cheapest upgrade options?

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    Re: Looking for advice on what pump to get

    How old is the controller? It may or may not control any of the pumps without an upgrade. The upgrade may just be a firmware exchange or may be a system board swap.

    Because it's what is there already, I would recommend the E-Pump.

    Your plumbing is most likely 2", based on your description.

    You have a 3rd pump for the solar? Why? I would tie it to the pool system.

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    Looking for advice on what pump to get

    I'm told the solar booster is because our house is very tall... two story with 9+ foot ceilings on both floors with a lot of attic space.

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    Re: Looking for advice on what pump to get

    I am a new pool owner and have a hayward ecostar VSP pump which is used to pump water to my filter and solar system and returns through my in floor system, unless i change the return to fountains. I have my solar system on top of my single story house and only run my pump at about 65% when my solar valve is open and the system is heating my pool. I Can't imagine that the ecostar would have any problem pumping water up another story if the speed was increased a bit over what i'm using.

    In july here in Vegas my pool usually heats from 85 degs to 90 degs in about 2 hours, so the 2 hours my pump is running at 65% (about 450 watts) and returning through the in floor is plenty to clean my pool. I run my filter for a total of 10 hours at 40% (less than 200 watts) when my solar valve is off and my pool water is sparkling clean.

    Concerning pump noise, i find the ecostar very quiet below 50%, not a problem up to 75%, but about 75%, somewhat noisey. But I am one who dosen't like the humming noise.

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