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Thread: Pump motor submerged in water, now kicking breaker

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    Pump motor submerged in water, now kicking breaker

    I have a 24ft above ground pool. We recently had an enorous down pore of rain which flooded out ditches, located behind and to the side of my pools location. The location of my pool pump has been fine and clear of rising water for the previous three years but was submerged this time. I had no idea this was possible of happening. This happened Tuesday about 5pm. On Thursday morning I realized I had not checked on the pump since the rain so did so. It was then that I realized just how high the water got and had submerged my pump motor. I saw that the breaker had been kicked so re-engaged it and moved forward with turning my pump on like normal. It ran for several minutes and kicked the breaker. I reset the breaker and it ran for several minutes and kicked again. After work I reset the breaker with is now tripping instantly. I ran an extension cord to the pump motor from another plug to make sure the eletrical ran to the pump was not compromised with the same results. My initial thoughts were that our pump motor was shot and would need to be repaired or replaced. On Friday evening, one of my friends suggested I take an air compressor and blow out the motor with air thinking that it was still holding water inside the motor which would kick the breaker. This seemed to work because the motor ran for several minutes but still tripped the breaker. I repeated the process with the same result. I let it sit over night, hoping it would continue to dry and and tested it again this morning. It ran for 5-7 minutes before kicking the breaker. Reset it and it ran for maybe 3 minutes and again for a run time of maybe 2 minutes.
    My question is does anyone know if my motor needs to repaired or should I continue to let it dry out? We have not received any rain since the initial rain on Tuesday.
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    Re: Pump motor submerged in water, now kicking breaker

    One thing you can try is unhook the motor blow it out with compressed air then place it in your oven at 220 Deg. F for 12 hours. Then take it out, let it cool and blow the windings and connection points again with compressed air. That will work about 60% of the time for motors that have been submerged.
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