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Thread: Choosing Stenner pump

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    Choosing Stenner pump

    I have a 35000 gallon IGP. I have switched over to mainly using liquid chlorine. This gets pretty bulky. Also, I need a solution when I am not at home. I have been reading the posts on installing a Stenner pump and I would like to try this. What model do I choose? My DE tank pressure is usu. between 15-25 psi, but can get to 30 esp. in beginning of season when I open and can rise pretty quickly. I run the pump about 10 hrs. per day. Do I have to install another timer or does self-programming unit take care of this?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: Choosing Stenner pump

    There are several ways to approach the install. I like to use a fixed speed Stenner pump and a timer, but others have had success using a variable speed Stenner pump and having it on any time the pump is on, and yet others have used a relay in an existing automation system to control the Stenner pump.
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    Re: Choosing Stenner pump

    I recently installed a Stenner 45MHP10 (max of 10 GPD) along with a 15-gallon carboy (plastic tank). Here is a fairly long thread on the subject along with some install pics (mine is on page 5 of the thread).


    I currently run my pool pump 9 hrs/day and simply have the Stenner turn on with my existing timer (which is nothing more than a water heater timer). The install was really easy and having the adjustability for dosing is great
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    Re: Choosing Stenner pump

    I did almost the same as Chris except for pump size. I run mine on the main pump timer and adjust the dial to keep the FC where it needs to be. There are several schools of thought on it and none of them are right or wrong. One person (or more) run the injection pump just a few minutes.

    Once you decide which way you'd like to go we can help figure out your injection pump size.
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    Re: Choosing Stenner pump

    Got mine on a separate relay on the ET8. I run it 1.5 hours a day. Figured, if I have been dumping in 2.5 ppm / day in about 30 seconds, will be fine to do the same over an hour and a half. That gives me the freedom of adjusting pump times w/o having to adjust chlorine feed rates. You could probably just get a standard timer, plug it in and go if you don't have another option.
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    Re: Choosing Stenner pump

    Like others have said there are two main ways to attack this.

    1. Run stenner pump whenever pool pump is on. This would require an adjustable stenner pump so you can match the chlorine feed rate with the pool pump run time. The upside to this is you can wire to the pool pump and adjust the feed rate on the stenner pump to dial it in. The downside is you are putting chlorine in the pool whenever you run the pump and if you run the pump off normal cycle for whatever reason there is no good way to stop the stenner short of going over to it and flipping the switch to off. Also the pump would be sized to provide the needed chlorine over say 8-9 hours.

    2. Run stenner pump on its own timer but is somehow linked to when the pool pump runs as you need the pool pump on whenever the stenner is running. Doing it on its own timer allows for three major benefits in my mind. One you can size the pump to deliver a high rate of chlorine in a shorter time. Two you can turn on the pool pump whenever and know that there will not be chlorine addition off schedule. Three you can easily shock the pool using the stenner as you can upsize the pump size and delivering say 1 gallon of beach will only take say 1 hour if using the 45MPHP22 (.92 gal/hr) as opposed to 7 hours if using the 45MHP2 at max flow. In reality if you are doing BBB you should not need to shock often or ever but being able to boost chlorine quickly due to rainstorm, etc is nice.

    I run mine using option #2. I have it come on for about 30 mins total a day which is what my demand is. If I have to shock I can turn my pump on for 60-90 mins as opposed to pouring in 1-1.5 gallon to get to shock level. I like the flexibility that option #2 offers. It works well for me as I have my stenner pump tied to one of the outputs on my easytouch controller. If I want to add 60 oz to boost chlorine I set an egg timer for 30 mins (60oz / 1.96 (amount of chlorine my pump does per min)) and it will add the needed 60 oz.

    If you are not automated option #1 may be easier but at the end of the day I like the ability to have high output and put in a lot of chlorine in a short amount of time. I would rather user a timer system to limit the amount of chlorine rather than pool run time as my means of control. Again there are multiple ways to do this but #2 worked best for me. Your mileage may vary. Hope this helps.

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