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I have the same problem and live in a similar climate as Tucson (El Paso, Texas)....Same stains and appear to grow every year. Last year I drained the pool and acid washed. This year the stains appear to be worse (whats up with that). I am using bleach as the sanitizer and shock weekly. Im thinking the only way to resolve is drain and paint? Additionally this year with the increase in stains, Im getting a yellow like film on the walls? It brushes off easily but seems to come back quickly. I am using an algaecide every two weeks (2 ounces). Run the pump 5 hours during the night and 5 hours during the day.

12k gallons/gunite DE Filter clean and maintained well. Pool mostly in shade from 4pm on. What other tests should I perform besides FC, PH, TA Thanks

FC 5
PH 7.5
TA 150

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.