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Thread: Pool only or Pool/Spa

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    Pool only or Pool/Spa

    We are in the process of getting some bids for a pool and can't decide between getting a pool only or a pool/spa. We live in the Dallas area. If I go with a pool only, I can get some additional water features, etc. The spa really adds quite a bit of cost to the project and I'm trying to determine if this is something that is needed for resale purposes or not? I'm not sure we would use the spa all that much. I have 2 young boys (6 and 8) that will be using the pool the most. I realize that having a spa will probably help extend the time the kids can use the pool on both ends (in the beginning and end of the season).

    So I really haven't been considering a spa until recently. If we decide to do this, are there certain things I need to consider? How big, what should the elevation be, # of jets, etc? Does this require an additional pump?
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    Re: Pool only or Pool/Spa

    I will try to help.

    This comes down to lifestyle. We have a spa and love it. I can't imagine my pool without a spa. I don't know what type of water feature you want but a spa can spillover into the pool which is like having a waterfall, without the cost of 8 tons of boulders and an $8K waterfall.

    The pump question depends on the size of your pump and size of your pool. Personally, I would build the most efficient pool money can buy as energy cost aren't going down anytime soon. This would lead me to believe you want a variable speed pump for your pool. Your spa, if you get a second pump, doesn't need to be variable speed.

    In terms of resale, a pool isn't going to add a ton of value to the home. You might get 40% of what you paid for it but that all depends on what you paid. Lastly, I would just say that the margin in pools is pretty good. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate and get everything in writing. This comes from experience as I fired my PB after steel and finished a 90K pool for about 58K, including 8K my PB "stole" from me. The point is that margins can be pretty good. I live in Oklahoma and you are in Dallas, the markets aren't entirely different. Good luck and enjoy.
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    Re: Pool only or Pool/Spa

    I have a pool/spa combination and I use one pump for both. They are plumbed where I run the spa throughout the winter and the pool is winterized. I've got a natural gas heater and it runs approximately $70/month to run the pump/heater during the winter. I can tell you this from my perspective. We love using the hot tub when the pool is too cold and if it's borderline, we simply heat the hot tub up a little bit as a transition area, i.e. jump in the cold pool and get back in the hot tub. You'll never regret having a hot tub.
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    Re: Pool only or Pool/Spa

    I second having the spa and that extends swimming season. Also for resale value, a pool does not add much to your house, but I can tell you that I passed on buying a house because it only had a pool with no spa.
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