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Thread: Cartridge filter drawbacks??

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    Cartridge filter drawbacks??

    We are new pool owners, on our 3rd summer. Starting to think about getting serious from the intex with a semi inground install of a 27-30 pool. I am trying to do all the research I can in my (like most of us) very limited spare time. From what I think I have learned a cartridge filter will "filter" finer particals than a sand filter and also I won't waste balanced water backwashing.

    What drawbacks am I missing? Why is it every local pools shop (other than 1 big one) is recommending a sand filter?
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    Re: Cartridge filter drawbacks??

    People tend to get set in their ways and recommend what they are familiar with. And what they are familiar with often clumps together by region due to historical accident. All of which is a fancy way of saying that the fact that all the stores recommend sand doesn't mean anything.

    Cartridge filters tend to be just slightly more expensive than sand in the long run because you need to replace the cartridges occasionally (every several years). Some people don't like cleaning cartridges, which is more work than backwashing sand, but not all that much work. Other than that, they are quite nice, especially if you get a nice large filter so you aren't cleaning the cartridges very often.
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    Re: Cartridge filter drawbacks??

    When I had cart, I hated cleaning it. Tedious and time consuming. Like anything else with pools, thing vary with the specifics of your situation.
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    Re: Cartridge filter drawbacks??

    From what I have read on this and other forums, usually when someone does not like their cartridge filter, it is because it was sized too small and they ended up cleaning it way too often. That would turn me off to a cartridge as well.

    I have a cartridge filter and now going on 6 years with the same cartridges. To me the key for a good cartridge experience is to get a very large filter. This allows me to clean them only 1-2 times per year and because of infrequent cleaning, the filters last longer.
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    Re: Cartridge filter drawbacks??

    The cleaning can be a pain during startup. When I bought new cartridges, I kept the old ones just for the startup period. If I don't have time to clean them immediately on removal, I toss them in my 96gal trash can with water (don't forget about them!).

    I too was considering a sand filter, but my makeup water is from a well and I get paranoid about the softener not doing it's job or accidentally expending the resin (in which I would start getting iron into the pool). So, backflushing is just not optimal for me.
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    Re: Cartridge filter drawbacks??

    The only drawback that I can see with a cart is that it is much easier to develop an excess amount of CYA and calcium since there is usually not a way to send water to waste. If you pay attention to what you add to your pool though, this will not be an issue.
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