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Thread: New User jenandthegang

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    New User jenandthegang

    This is a great site. Thank you to everyone who dedicates time to keeping it up and running! I'm hoping to follow the rules here, but not totally sure where to post about a problem I'm having, other than here in the introductions. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to post!

    Our pool is crystal clear. My TA is 148, ph is 7.2, CYA is 29 (however I just added stablizer two days ago so it may be higher after a week). My CC is .5 and my FC is .3.

    Shocked the pool 3 times this week and have 5 trichlor pucks in the skimmer, but chlorine won't rise. Pool store said the problem is phosphates, which after reading your site seems like a gimmick. Unfortunately, I already added one bottle of phos-out before reading your site.

    I can't seem to find answers to this anywhere on the internet, so maybe you all know:
    can we swim after adding phos-out?
    can we swim in such low chlorine levels?
    shouldn't the water be cloudy with such low levels of FC?

    Can I use the bleach method of shocking after just adding phos-out?

    Thank you SO MUCH in advance!
    Jen from Maryland
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    Re: New User jenandthegang

    I'm sounding like a broken record here, or a scratched CD if you're young...

    You need your own proper test kit And probably need to shock -properly. It's not a product nor a one-time deal. Also, stop using pucks, as you just added stabilizer, you don't need to add more via pucks.

    I have no idea about the phosphate remover; never used it. I have no idea what my phosphate level is, either.

    My advice, if you want this to go as fast as possible: 1) Go to and order a TF100 and a speedstir (you can thank me later). It's cheaper than a trip or two to the pool store! 2) Spend a little time in Pool School. 3) Check this thread periodically to see if anyone has a definitive answer about the phos-free.

    Seriously, order up the test kit. You're working blind without it. Order it quick, it will likely ship today, and you'll have it early next week, even if you're on the west coast.
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    Re: New User jenandthegang

    You are on the verge of a full fledged algae bloom. You need to use liquid chlorine to complete the shock process on your pool. Please review defeating algae and how to shock your pool for more information.

    Welcome to TFP!
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    Re: New User jenandthegang

    Quote Originally Posted by jenandthegang
    can we swim after adding phos-out?
    can we swim in such low chlorine levels?
    shouldn't the water be cloudy with such low levels of FC?
    1. Yes, BUT, You probably don't want to for other reasons.
    2. I wouldn't recommend it.
    3. Not necessarily.

    As said, you need a good test kit and most importantly, you need to complete the shock process.

    What are the ingredients of the so called "shock" you've been using?
    My bet is the your CYA is a lot higher than you think. I would switch to liquid chlorine.
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