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Thread: New to Spa....and clueless!

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    New to Spa....and clueless!

    I just purchase a house with a Tiger River Spa on the back deck. I have been there a week and have not touched it because i have no idea what im doing or where to begin. Not sure of anything i need to do here....there is water in it and i believe was filled a month ago. any help on where to begin... i havent even turned it on...

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    Re: New to Spa....and clueless!

    I'm not the most expierenced visitor of this forum but I would do the next things:
    find out what kind of tub it is and if possible contact the manufacturer or salesperson for information.
    if that's a no go, just turn it on and add a cleaner. brush the sides and let it run for some time.
    dump the water, clean the inside of the tub and refill again
    start adding you choice of cleaning stuff. I live in Holland, and we are not allowed to use bromine and the salesperson advised Aquafinesse, so that's where I started with.

    Good luck!
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    Re: New to Spa....and clueless!

    Hi Ace. Welcome to TFP!

    I had a similar experience earlier this year when I moved into a home that had a pool and detached spa. I never had a spa before. It turned out to be really easy to take care of.

    I'd find the manual for the spa on the internet if you don't have it, to understand the mechanicals and such.

    Maintaining the water chemistry is very similar to what's done for a pool except it's on a much smaller scale. The nice part is that you can always dump and refill the water if something gets out of whack and you only have a few hundred gallons of water to replace.

    There's a good article here for getting started: how-do-i-use-chlorine-in-my-spa-or-pool-t10095.html

    Also, get a good testing kit from if you don't have one already.

    Good Luck!
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    Re: New to Spa....and clueless!

    it is a Tiger River Spa but the controller has been replaced by a unit. It supposedly has a 24 hour filtration and an Ozonator. I have it set to cycle twice a day for 60 min but how can i tell if the 24 hour filtration is working?

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    Re: New to Spa....and clueless!

    I have only had a spa for a little over a month, but mine has continious ozone also and I assume that is what you are talking about with 24 hour filtration. If that is the case then you should see water and bubbles coming from your ozone jets. Hope that helps.
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