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Thread: Help!!!!!

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    I just got in my pool after about it being opened for 2 mos (the kids were in it a lot) and when I got in i felt this roughness all over the walls. I had recently switched my chemicals from Pool Life Turbo Shock to In the Swim's Super Pool shock and I switched my tabs from my local pool store's tabs to the in the swim 3" tabs. I had been brushing it, not religiously, but I had been.

    When I explained this to pool store, they said that it was a calcium build up and most likely it would have to be acid washed. A tune of 6-$700.00.

    Pool is gunite w/ a plaster finish
    24,500 gal

    Total Chlorine: 1.0
    Free Chlorine: 1.0
    ph 7.2
    Total Alkalinity: 45 (this was low, it was suppsoed to be a min of 80 and a max of 120...add 10 lbs of alk up)
    Calcium Hardness: 185 (low, supposed to be min 200, max 450, add 3 lbs 11 oz of hard up)
    Stabilzer: 40
    Copper: 0

    Langelier Index 0.73

    With this being said, is there anyway to reverse this effect or will i have to acid wash? I remember when I was small, my grandparents used HTH and i remember that this caused blood blisters but I dont remember what the final outcome was.

    Any help/ suggestions would be gladly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Help!!!!!

    Your PH, TA, and CH levels are all very low. That is not at all suggestive of calcium scaling. With levels that low I would expect plaster pitting, where calcium is being dissolved out of the wall leaving voids. If it is pitting, there is no easy fix, as bits of the plaster are gone and can not be replaced. Regardless, you need to get the PH, TA, and CH levels back up into range as soon as possible.
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    Re: Help!!!!!

    Thanks J. What I am feeling is raised. I took a drywall knife to it today and "knocked" down some of those rough spots. I had the water tested today, when do you recommend I go back for a 2nd test. In addition, would something be able to be done rather than emptying the pool and starting over?
    Could the use of these other chemical cause it or just me being lazy?

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    Re: Help!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by buckrogers71
    Langelier Index 0.73
    Is that listed as -0.73 or + 0.73?
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    Re: Help!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by JamesW
    Quote Originally Posted by buckrogers71
    Langelier Index 0.73
    Is that listed as -0.73 or + 0.73?
    oops -0.73

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    Re: Help!!!!!

    any other thoughts or suggestions about this? I mean as far as getting rid of the build up.

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