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Thread: Cloudy pool, ph low and FC and TC at 0

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    Cloudy pool, ph low and FC and TC at 0

    Have trouble keep ph at 7.0 or higher, FC is mostly at 0.5 ppm or 0, and CYA is always in the 80-90 range, I have been using leslies pools stuff, Pool is very cloudy but not green. Told when I get all the levels in the normal range the Pool will clear up. NO Luck Yet still cloudy. I have been trying this upon leslies recommendations from store. Problem started 2 weeks ago pool was very cloudy one windy morning, told to add 2 lbs of soda ash to raise ph, 4 hrs later dropped in 2 lbs of Chlor-brite, 1 hr later add one quart of algae control. Next day Pool got more cloudy, then used leslies pool first aid and no help. 3 days later water test again, Ph 7.0. FC at 0, TC at 0, and CYA at 110, told to drain about 1 foot of water out of pool, So I drain about 14 inches. Water test 2 days later ph at 6.8, CYA 60, and FC 0, TC 0. Added another 3 lbs of soda ash over a 12 hour period and ph got to 7.4, then told to put 3 lbs of chlorbrite and 2 lbs of fresh and clear and then added more 3 inch trichlor tablets to my floater. Pool looked like it was going to clear up then got cloudy/milky look again. Purchased a sand filter cleaner and followed instructions. Yesterday was 14 days later ph at 7.0, FC is 1, TC is 1 , CYA is 90, TDS is 1000., Phosphates 0. Calcium hardness 190. Now told to purchase a quart of Ultra bright and it should clear the pool. Brought Aqua check test strips to stop frequent trips to get water test. If that does not work was told I might have to change sand in sand filter but its only 1 yr old. Spent over 200 dollars in about 5 days, problem hard to fix, looking for any help or comments. Second year with pool never had this problem last year.

    21 round by 52 inches deep, Haywood sand filter with a 1/2 hp pump
    Gallons- 17,000
    Sand Filter-18" diameter
    1/2 HP pump
    Chapin, S.C.

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    Re: Cloudy pool, ph low and FC and TC at 0

    Ah, another satisfied Pool Stored customer! Not.

    Part of the issue is the the high level of CYA. A non-salt cell fed pool needs about 8 to 10% FC when compared to the CYA level. With the CYA at 100, that means FC needs to be about 10 ppm. You would need several floaters to maintain that level and would find that as the weeks go on, yet more floaters. Tablets add CYA as they dissolve. Its a vicious cycle.

    You are going to need to dump quite a bit of water since CYA can only be diluted or removed by reverse osmosis. I hope you have a pump. Your going to need to change about 75% of your water to get the CYA down to where you want it to be.

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