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Thread: pool guy method

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    pool guy method

    My pool builder provides their own pool person for 30 days after plaster. I was curious how they are able to maintain my pool with only 1 visit each week and no real water testing.

    before he came, my pool was pH 7.4, FC 4 - he did quick dipstick test claiming my pH was 7.8 and FC was 0.5 - dumped in bunch of acid and chlorine.

    After he left: pH 6.8! FC 10!

    Since they are here only once a week, they obviously have to front load the chemicals so that it there's still some chlorine left and the pH isn't too alkaline by the time they return the following week..

    I can't wait to get rid of them and go BBB

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    Re: pool guy method

    You won't regret it!
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    Re: pool guy method

    Yeah, but you'll loose half or more of that chlorine just today. And another half by tomorrow night. Two days later you're near 0. Huh? He added liquid chlorine?

    Do you have a full test kit? Why can't you do BBB now? When he comes back, tell him you want him to leave the liquid chlorine he would add to the pool. Show him your test results from the past week and what you've done to maintain minimum and target, and have him leave you with whatever he would have added if it was 0 on that day (which it would be for sure by a week later).

    If you have the proof that you've maintained chlorine that was gone in two days, and they are obligated to supply chemicals for a month, he owes you for the previous weeks worth of chlorine that you added anyway. Keep a record and backcharge him lol.
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    Re: pool guy method

    i have full kit... I can do BBB now - but they insist on having their guy maintain for 30 days otherwise they can't guarantee a warranty on the pebble fina...

    yea.. he dumps in liquid chlorine... and yea.. if I weren't doing BBB and adding my own chlorine - his chlorine would be gone by the time he returns...

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    Re: pool guy method

    Here's my thoughts / two cents, I would be worried about any "long term" chemicals like CYA and TA, ones that are tough to reduce once they get too high. Make sure he's not "dumping" chemicals that will affect those. "Short term" chemicals like chlorine, and ph adjustments using Borax or muriatic acid, can be solved a little easier, especially chlorine for obvious reasons (let it burn off). Know your CYA level and keep the FC above the lowest recommended level in relation to your CYA level DAILY. Don't let that pool drop to below recommended levels or to 0 FC as you risk algae problems. As for the pH, let the guys keep "chasing" it for a month and then when he's done you can get your TA up if it needs to be and stabilize pH on your own.
    I think you also have to worry about Calcium Hardness (CH) because you have a plaster / concrete pool. But I know nothing about that as I have a vinyl above ground. Hopefully someone else can chime in with thoughts on that.
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    Re: pool guy method

    If your PB says that their guy has to maintain it, and you can show proof that there is no chlorine on day 3, what will the PB do about that? He should be obligated to maintain sanitary conditions, and if he won't let YOU do it, then he needs to cough up something else.
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    Re: pool guy method

    What finish did you get?

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    Re: pool guy method

    You should keep a record of everything that gets added and the amount and the date/time so you have documentation to help address the problems.
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    Re: pool guy method

    I agree with what TPM said, I would make sure the CYA and TA stay inline because they can be a chore to adjust. I would start maintaining the chlorine and PH daily. I have no opinion on CH, my pool is a vinyl liner as well.
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    Re: pool guy method

    tell pb he is no longer needed!! we got your back totally here, i never need to go to pool store but once a season to get cya and cases of chlorine. if your not happy with whats going on tell the pool builder your not happy with your water conditions and tell him to stop sending useless people to your house!
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    Re: pool guy method

    I think I would just maintain the pool myself and keep my mouth shut. It won't cost much for a month. You're stuck with the end result for years if not decades, and it's soooo much easier and cheaper to keep things right than to make things right later. Especially if you end up in litigation. Whoever said Talk is Cheap never hired a lawyer.

    Let the moron show up, do his thing, and leave. You mix things up real good, take your own readings, and correct it. What are you out? Twenty bucks? That's a drop in the pool compared to what you've spent already.
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