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Thread: Algae control and stain question

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    Algae control and stain question

    Hi all, I was pointed to this message board via a music forum. Go figure.

    I've read through several threads and I think I have a path forward to battle my algae issue. When I came home from work today the pool water looked markedly better although the bottom still has a lot of greenish yellow algae that will obviously cloud the water again once kicked up via brushing. Some of it is somewhat brownish and, for lack of a better term, sticky in nature.

    Before beginning my battle I need to buy myself a test kit as I see part of the battle includes shocking, testing and repeating several times so running water samples over to my local Anthony & Sylvan could get old relatively quickly. I did see in a few of the threads where Bleach was recommended vs. typical algaecides - silly question, is this referring to standard gallon jugs of Chlorox?? If so, how much should be added to a 23,000 gallon pool with a vinyl liner?

    Aside from the algae issue I had some staining which appeared middle of last Summer after an extended stretch of hot/humid weather. It is dark yellow in appearance and does not brush off or come up in the vaccuum. Any ideas on how to get rid of this??
    Edit: there is also this same color staining on the jets and intake ports.

    for reference my last reading as of 7/3:

    free chlorine = 0.1
    total chlorine = 0.6
    combined chlorine = 0.5
    pH = 7.6
    Hardness = 69 ppm (I've since added two 3lb dosages of hardness control)
    Alkalinity = 85 ppm
    Cyanuric Acid = 22 ppm
    Copper = 0 ppm
    Iron = 0 ppm

    I also added two bags of Scorch after brushing the entire pool.

    I have a Hayward C5025 cartridge filter

    1) 23,000 gallons 2) Hayward C5025 cartridge filter 3) IG (in ground) 4) vinyl

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    Re: Algae control and stain question

    You need to start out by reading Pool School. You also need to learn to usee the Pool Calc. That'll tell you how much to add depending on what your test results are.

    It would be best to go ahead and order a good test kit now.

    The bleach we refer to is the regular kind but we also recommend the liquid chlorine that the Pool Stores sell. Sometimes it's cheaper than bleach. FYI, bleach doesn't usually come in gallons. The jugs are usually 96 oz or 182 oz. Liquid chlorine is sold in gallons.
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