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Thread: Main drains?

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    Main drains?

    I was under the pression the main drains in pool and spa are supposed to suck. I just noticed today after adding power powder plus down the skimmer, that it's coming back in through the main drains. I don't know of it's always been doing this but I just noticed it today as there was a big powdery mushroom cloud over the drain after adding the stuff. Usually it came out in the spa return jets. Just got a new energy efficient pump installed so I didnt know if that was effecting anything as it takes a lot longer to cycle water.

    Is this working right?

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    Re: Main drains?

    Nothing should be shooting out of your main drains. Is water coming out of the returns? Hold you hand in front of a return to check the flow and note how forcefully the water is coming out if at all.

    What kind of filter do you have? Could you post a picture of the pump and filter setup?
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    Re: Main drains?

    Yea water is coming out of the returns but it's pretty weak except for the main one that shoots into the pool (and powers the pool vac when the booster pump is on). It's always been this way since I've had the new pump installed though unless the speed has been increased (and yeah I tried it and a lot of water comes out the returns when I sped it up). The ones in the Spa though, with it running normal is barely there. You can feel water coming out but it's very light. And I just noticed the skimmer next to the spa doesn't seem to be working like it used too either. The main pool skimmer is working fine though from what I can see.

    When the pump speeds up for the booster pump to come on, there is a lot more air pressure in the spa coming out of the jets... Even after having the new pump installed though, it seemed to work better than this and whenever I used the powder stuff, most of the powder would come into the spa first through the return jets and get real cloudy. Today the spa didn't even get cloudy at all really and the powder cloud is just sitting at the bottom of the pool so I kind of pushed it around.

    Here the pictures of filter and pump set up...

    After I get home after work I'll tare the filter but anyway...

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    Re: Main drains?

    Welcome to TFP!!

    That is one "f-d up" plumbing job! However, it shouldn't effect your 'normal' filtering rate.

    Give us a little while and we'll figure out what's going on
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    Re: Main drains?

    I would be willing to bet the bottom drain can be valved off from the suction side and made into a return so heated water can be sent to the pool bottom.

    I would also surmise the valves allowing the drain to do either are both open.

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    Re: Main drains?

    Well see, I haven't touched the valves at all. And from what I was told, the left valve opens and closes the spa and pool skimmers/drains (up closes pool, down closes spa). The right valves opens and close the return jets from what I was told (so that the hot water can go just to the spa or too the pool I guess). The heater doesn't work though and is disconnected. So I was told to just leave the valves like I have them for general cleaning. And I don't remember this ever happening (and now that I think of it, I know it never did because usually after pouring some down the skimmer, I'd walk around the pool and throw some in in the deep end... there's no way I could have missed it all coming up).

    Here's something I hadn't thought of and I noticed things were a little messed up then and this is actually the first time I put the powder chlorine stuff in there since (trying to use it up even though I am using bleach now). This pool does not fill up on it's own. It's pretty old school, not sure how old but anyway... On saturday or sunday I think the water was below the skimmer line (or well, low enough water couldn't get over the little door thing into the skimmer). I don't live at the house right now but I had meant to go over and fill it up the day before and was really worried the next day because I knew by now it would be quite low and I was right (I should have done it a few days earlier but didn't have time while I was over there to sit around and turn it back off). I didn't wanna burn the motor out even though he said it would shut off if water stopped going through. Well when I got there, the spa water was WAY low. It had to have been going out the spa's drain and be pumped into the pool for it to be that low). Usually that's where a lot of the water returns into and then spills into the big pool. There was no water coming into that at all. I checked the pump and it was still on but there was water still going through it. The skimmer by the pool didn't look like it was sucking either (no more water could get into the skimmer but there was still water in it). Filled the pool, turned the pump off and then back and everything seemed to be alright while it was priming itself but the spa skimmer never did seem to work right after this. It is filling up with water and spilling into the pool but you can barely notice it when you stick your hand over a jet. Seemed to work better than this before as usually you could see the powdered water shooting into the pool pretty well which it didn't do much at all yesterday really.

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