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Thread: New Here and Question and frustrated

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    New Here and Question and frustrated

    Hello! I am very glad I found this forum. I wish I would have found this place and started reading about BBB before I went out and bought a ton of chemicals. This is our first pool. I put in my siggy what we have (Intex 12' metal frame).
    My husband and I are completely new to pools and pool maintenance. We got this pool for our kiddos and we are in a unique circumstance. My daughter (age 6) has leukemia. She has 2 more years of chemotherapy. My son (2 1/2) has cerebral palsy. His therapist recommended some water therapy for him, thus one of the reasons for the pool. We spent 2 weeks leveling and putting a 6 foot locking gate around the pool.
    Once we filled it, I had no clue what to do chemical wise, so I went to our local pool store (big mistake). They sold me over $150 worth of chemicals and just that cheap PH/chlorine tester kit. The guy recommened I throw in 2 cups of granulated chlorine to start and 1 cup every other day. I admit I do not know (and probably still dont) know what I am doing so I followed his instructions.
    We would like to use the BBB method but we would like to use up the chemicals we purchased first or else we are out $150.
    The big catch is our daughter has to have this pool be clean (sanitized) so we have to stay on top of it. Her immune system is suppressed so she could catch a bacterial infection much easier than normal folks so we have to stay on top of things.
    Pool guy said to just through the granuals in the pool. At least hubby was smart enough to say to dissolved them first before putting them in.
    So here are the only 2 stats we have. We will be purchasing your test kit so I will have more info to give as we go along.

    Chlorine Level: 5 (I mean it is probably darker than the darkest color)
    pH: 7.5

    We are running the filter all the time unless we are in. We really need this to be clean for our daughter. Is this the right thing to do? Is there any way we can use up the chemicals we have before we move to BBB or is this just a loss?

    Also, pool guy said for the walls just to wipe them down with a towel when I am in the pool. I thought I needed a brush. We also have a vaccum but dont know how to use it.

    If we need to get a better filter system we can.

    Sorry for rambling. I am just sitting here with a ton of now opened chemicals, no knowledge of pool maintenance and I need to make sure the pool is sanitary for my daughter.

    Thank you for your help. I will keep reading posts to learn. Oh and BTW the pool calculator is awesome and I am NEVER going back to that pool store!
    Jenn, From New Mexico
    8600 gal Intex 12x24x52 ultra rectangular pool, current filter: Sand Filter Pump with 1,600 gallon (6,056 L) per hour flow rate

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    Re: New Here and Question and frustrated

    Wait for the test kit, read Pool School, and look for active ingredients listed on all the buckets of magic powders. Some of it will be useful, some maybe not.

    The key to a sanitary pool is knowing what's in the water and adding only what you need. The source is non-critical, as long as you know what you're putting in. It will all make more sense once the test kit is in hand. You'll be able to test, treat, and see the results and learn in a hands-on fashion.

    Hopefully someone familiar with intex pools can help explain the vacuum. And whether or not the pump can be run while in it. I've read some say to turn it off. I've never actually even seen an intex pool except in pictures here!
    16K freeform gunite with spa; Pentair 4000 DE filter; Century Whisperflow 1 HP; Pentair Minimax heater.
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    A pool is like a pet - you have to feed it every day, even the days you don't want to play with it!

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    Re: New Here and Question and frustrated

    Hello and welcome to TFP. The first thing you will need is a better test kit. Until your TF100 arrives, you can use the dilution method to test with the kit you have. Use 50% pool water and 50% distilled water to test your chlorine, then multiply the result by two. This allows you to get a more accurate reading when your FC level is over 5ppm.

    Can you tell us what all the pool store sold you?
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    Re: New Here and Question and frustrated

    I agree about the test kit. You really need accurate tests to know exactly what is in your pool. Read pool school while waiting for that test kit.

    I am going to suggest upgrading the filter. You can get an Intex sand filter on Amazon and it will work much better than the cartridges that come with it. There's one with a 1/2 hp motor for $159. Several members have these and are much happier with it than working with the cartridge filter that comes with the pool.

    About that vacuum, my pool was manufactured by a different company. I'm almost sure that it's the type that connects to the water hose and has a little bag that ties on.
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    Re: New Here and Question and frustrated

    Thanks. Will get new filter and we are getting the test kit here.

    Thanks, everyone.

    Tested again this morning. Chlorine still at 5, ph at 7.5

    OK here is what the pool guy sold me:

    #1. Chlorinating Granules (manufacturer- Pool breeze pool care system)-Active Ingredients- Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrione Hydrated 99%, Other Ingredients 1% (Also says on bucket Available Chlorine 55%)
    #2. pH Minus (granules)- Sodium Bisulfate 92%, Inert Ingredients 8%
    #3. Alkalinity Plus (granules)- Active Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate 95%, Inert Ingredients (5%)
    #4. Non-Chlorine Oxidizer (manufacturer-Pool Breeze Pool care system)- Active Ingredients- Potassium Monopersulfate 44.7%, Inert Ingredients 55.3%, percent oxygen 4.7% (he said this was the shock stuff)

    So can I use any of this at all until it is gone?

    Thanks for all your help. I just about had a heart attack when we saw that the alkalinity plus was just fancy packaged baking soda!
    Jenn, From New Mexico
    8600 gal Intex 12x24x52 ultra rectangular pool, current filter: Sand Filter Pump with 1,600 gallon (6,056 L) per hour flow rate

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    Re: New Here and Question and frustrated

    Be aware when getting the test kit locallly that almost no stores stock the kit with the FAS-DPD chlorine test. Some will have the DPD test which they will tell you is the same but it's not. Don't settle for less. It needs to say FAS-DPD on it or it isn't.
    Dave J. TFP Moderator
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    Re: New Here and Question and frustrated

    #1 Dichlor - you can use this IF and WHEN you need both chlorine and more stabilizer (CYA)

    #2 pH Minus - you can use this to reduce pH, when it is gone, get Muriatic Acid from pool store or hardware store cheaper

    #3 you figured out - buy cheaper from Walmart

    #4 should you ever need this again, I recall Sears Hardware has it cheap in the water softener section
    23,000 gallon in ground pool with rock waterfall and spillover spa, Aqualink control system, Polaris 380 cleaner, Purex Triton Clean&Clear Plus cartridge filter. Located in The Woodlands, Texas.

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    Re: New Here and Question and frustrated

    Welcome to TFP!
    I have an Intex 15'X48"
    I got pool stored to death all last year and still ended up with a green pool!
    This season I wanted to find out about pool water chemistry and found
    Got my TF-100 kit, I got the XL (extra large) so I could test a lot more to speed up my learning curve. Posted my test results here like the post for beginners says to do and got an overwhelming amount of help! I have never looked back and have stayed out of the pool store except to get 12.5% Liquid Chlorine on sale and some fittings & hoses. :P
    Last 2 months my total cost for keeping my pool in perfect condition was about $22 per month for Liquid chlorine, muriatic acid, polyquat 60, have some Borax and A&H baking soda, I bought, but have not needed them yet.
    I did upgrade my pump that came with it, the stock cartridge filter are really not adequate.
    I went overkill with mine, but saved some $$ for me as I can fix up just about anything, bought a used Waterway 1 HP-22" sand filter combo unit off of craigslist for $100, ordered up about $100 worth of rebuild parts and new pool sand from Home Depot and works really well.
    I would suggest a sand filter/motor combo Intex has them as well as Hayward.
    I posted the Hayward first as they are more of the professional equipment than the Intex equipment.

    Off brand combos here.
    If you consider a salt water pool...
    Swim n Play 21' round, expandable 72" liner, 6FT deep center, buried 14", 12,750 Gallons
    Waterway 1HP-2 speed with 22" Sand filter
    TF-100 test kit
    Thanks to TFP my pool is perfect all the time :party:
    I now suffer from Sparklypoolitis! :whoot:
    I am a Platinum contributor because I want everyone who comes here to Trouble Free Pool to have the same success that I enjoy with my pool and family.

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    Re: New Here and Question and frustrated

    I'm sure the good folks here will get you on the road to a GREAT pool!

    With no CYA and a fresh fill, follow the Pool Calculator recommendations for daily additions of chlorine until your test kit arrives. Probably dont want to let the kids swim until the test kit arrives and you can be sure that it is safe from both too little and too much chlorine. Too much chlorine is the way I would go right now, keep things sanitary and not growing green. When the test kit comes, you can back off the chlorine to proper levels, adjust your other chemistry, and be swimming shortly.

    Sure beats laying low and fighting the Green Meanies!

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