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Thread: Intex filters

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    Intex filters

    Our pool is 14 ft we have been using the rinx n reuse filters I'm finding I need to rinse them every 2 days or my filter doesn't have much outflow. My water is clear so I don't think it's algea. I can't firugre out why my filter keeps filler up with gunk daily
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    Re: Intex filters

    Hi there, Somtimes it can be algea and you dont see it, is there anywhere you live you can get your water tested. I have Been there and i went to a sand filter, the best thing I could of none. I hate to say it but you will always be cleaning it out if you keep that kind of filter going on your pool. You can get a small sand filter to run on your pool.

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    Re: Intex filters

    I also use the cartridge filters and have found that after a bunch of rinse outs they tend not to come very clean anymore and require rinsing out more often. Mine will look white and clean but the pressure from the pump is noticeably less. Sometimes a good soap and water soak followed by shop vac drying will give me a little while longer but eventually I just have to pony up and get a new filter. I read all over this forum that sand filters are better and next year I'll find out for myself but in the mean time I've found that the cartridge filters can do a really good job with a little hillbilly engineering. I noticed that my filter did not seat firmly in the bottom of the filter housing, in fact it was floppy loose down there. This is the inside of the filter sitting on its seat showing a lot of room for water to get by unfiltered.

    I cleaned everything out very well and vacuumed the pool with a sock covering the water going back into the pool fitting.

    When I finished I turned the filter sock inside out and was disappointed to find out how much debris was passing the filter. In fact I was just wasting my time vacuuming.

    Well I made a gasket for the bottom of the filter seat and the seat on the housing lid to make a positive seal between the filter and housing.

    I made the first gaskets out of a disused rubber sleeve but had trouble getting them to stay in place. Now I have gaskets made from black electrical tape. It's vinyl with glue on it after all and it's held up fantastically in the salt and chlorine. I have to gently shove the filter into place now and gently push the lid down to install and seat the filter. I vacuumed again with the sock in place after making the gaskets and had no debris present when I turned the sock inside out. My pool stays very very clear now. Some posters have mentioned getting brown silty dusty streaks on the pool floor that seem to re-appear moments after vacuuming and talking about how impossible it is to get rid of it effectively. Some people surmise that it's brown algae and others think it's pollen, I don't know which it is but now it's gone. Even sand filter users have struggled with the brown powder dirt streaks and so did I until I sealed up the filter seats. It gets caught by the filter now and I have to rinse a couple of times while vacuuming if the brown streakys are present but the filter catches it. It's a bummer that the filters have to be replaced every so often but if it's large enough and has a good pump behind it the cartridges can be very effective.
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    Re: Intex filters

    When i first got my pool and it came with the same kind of filter you have, I spent more time trying all different things to help it make it work better but I knew I had to just get right down to changing the filter to a sand filter. Now I never have any kind of issues. I did have some brown algea in my pool when I opened it this year but thought it was dirt for I live in the counrty and the dirt flys around here. I bought the pool Rover JR thinking it was my vac that I hooked up to the pool filter not doing a good job ( and it was not ) but Rover JR was picking up brown stuff that I never knew was there, so I got tired of it took some water to get tested and found out I had algea in my pool. So had to get chemical's to get red of it. It did the job right away but had to treat my pool for 7 days. Now I have a clear bottom pool and when I put JR in to clean he picks up stuff that I still never knew I had in my pool but it is just sand and dirt. If you really want to know what is going on just take some water down to a pool shop and they will test it for you that way you will not have to fight it so hard if it is agea.

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    Re: Intex filters

    I'm so putting a sock over the return today... I don't vac to the filter, but I still want to see what's coming out (of both pumps).
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