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Thread: How do I decide????

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    How do I decide????

    On a pool???

    Growing up, my parents had a huge, oval above ground pool and I lived in that pool. When I was in high school I took some classes and got a job as a lifeguard. So basically, there has never been a question of whether I would have a pool, just what kind of pool.
    My husband and I bought a house 3 years ago and now we have a two-year old daughter, so we are wanting to get a pool for all of us to enjoy as a family.
    Last year I got desperate and bought a 15 foot metal frame Intex for $50 on Craigslist. I got it home and put it up and jumped in. No ground prep at all and I regretted it all year, so this year we leveled the ground and re-installed it and with all the storms coming through here in SC, the ground has settled the pool is now very unlevel LOL.

    I am 100% sure that I am going to sell the 15' next year and get a much bigger pool, but I can't decide whether to suck it up and spend the money and go for a permanent above ground or go for the 24' Intex pool and maybe, say 5 years or so down the road, reconsider a permanent pool.
    I do know that no matter what, I will be paying a professional to level my ground first because that was some backbreaking work LOL!

    There are really two factors here for me: price and labor. The Intex pools are less expensive and the 24' is huge for the money, but I know we are still going to have to put a lot of work in when setting it up if we want it to be right for years to come. If I get an above-ground, it will cost at least twice as much, but they do all the hard work of setting it up and then it's good to go (unless the liner needs replaced). And I would have to have my deck modified to accommodate a pool as well.
    One more thing, I really like the Intex pools, they are a great affordable option for swimming, but the permanent pools just look so much nicer and neater. I don't do you decide????

    Do pool places usually do financing? Because then I know I would go for the permanent pool...someone else told me they put the displays and stuff on clearance at the end of the season at some places...

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    Re: How do I decide????

    I would keep the 15' around for awhile until your little one is older. You will feel safer knowing that they can at least touch the bottom if they were to be in the pool when you weren't looking.

    Not a safe-guard by any means, but I know now that my 6 yr old can finally touch the bottom of our 24' on his tip toes, I have relaxed a tiny bit of my fear for having a pool. Always nervous that they gate will accidentally not get locked and he will tumble in looking at something, or trying to read the thermometer. He knows not to be by the pool by himself but being an only child is independant and thinks he can do things on his own... especially if he knows I'm not looking.

    Just something to consider.
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    Re: How do I decide????

    I agree with Suziqzer. My kids are 4 & 2 and I have a 15' easy set which is perfect for them and the neighborhood kids (same age) to splash around in. I figured once they both can reach the bottom of a deeper pool I'll make that decision of permanent or seasonal. It also gives a few more years of perhaps better seasonal pools coming out as well.
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    Re: How do I decide????

    We just installed a 24ft permanent. We had a little intex last year. My 6 yr old had fun in it, but me and my 15 yr old almost collapsed it twice and my wife had no fun in it at all. With the 24ft, we all are having a blast, and with the little water wing floats on his arms, there is no way he can get into trouble, when swimming. He struggles to keep his head under water, with them on. (He LOVES to swim under water) We make sure there is no way for him to get into the pool, unless it is time to go swimming. That is what fences and/or locking ladders are for. He is having as much fun in the bog pool, as he did in the smaller, but the rest of the family is having MUCH more fun in the bigger pool. I thought about the 24ft Intex, but figured I would end up with a permanent one in a few yrs anyhow, so did not want to waste money, so just went for the permanent one up front.
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    Re: How do I decide????

    I know I started this thread asking for advice, but I have some to give too .
    If you have a small child, this is the best flotation device out there!!!

    My Intex is already 42" deep, so it will be a while before my daughter can touch the bottom anyway.
    Here are some pics of her using the floatie in the pool:
    (ignore the dirt on the bottom of the pool LOL - like I said we have had a ton of storms here and stuff keeps getting blown into the pool even with the cover on.)

    She can float with no assistance from an adult (of course we supervise her the whole time) and she can even kick her feet and paddle from one end of the pool to the other on her own with this float.

    I don't really have much fear with the pool, simply because as I said in my original post, I used to be a lifeguard. Don't take that to mean that I don't think something could happen, I just know that if something does happen I can react quickly enough to help.

    My Mom has a smaller Easy Set pool and my daughter can touch the bottom on her tip toes already in that one. She was playing in it with her cousins, while I was standing outside the pool and she slipped and went under the water and I was able to lean over the side and grab her and pull her out before she even had time to know she went under. I had to pat her on the back to help her get the water out she swallowed. My mom and everyone else was freaking out and later my mom asked me how I was able to react so quickly without panicking. I just told her because I know that panicking is what leads to drowning.

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    Re: How do I decide????

    Good reflexes there. I have always been cautious with my kids and water. I was stunned when my three year old fell in a wading pool one day with me watching. She made no noise, no struggle, and did not stand herself up, even though she could both tread water and reach the bottom. I grabbed her right out and all was well, but it is scary to think of how easily something could happen when your head is turned.

    If you have the room, and can pay for it, I'd go for the bigger pool now. It sounds like you would have much more fun with it, as well as you daughter. They also tend to have more serious security, like locking ladders!
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