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Thread: Installed The Liquidator

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    Installed The Liquidator

    Hi All.
    I've installed The Liquidator and I'm as happy as can be

    I've seen many posts on this topic but thought I'd share my experience, just in case it may help someone else down the line.
    All in all, it was easy to install. One point worth mentioning:
    After replacing the 1/4" nipples in the flow indicator with the 3/8" parts, I used the 1/4" nipples to connect the liquidator's OUT pipe directly to my pump (a Hayward SP2605x7) instead of drilling a hole in my suction side pipe

    After the easy installation, I encountered the following problems:

    1. The pump was loosing suction and would not draw in water
    2. Water was leaking from where I've attached the liquidator IN pipe to my return side pipe
    3. Water was leaking from the OUT check valve

    The first and third problems were resolved after I realized I did not use the 3/8" parts properly.
    When connecting the vinyl pipe to the 3/8" connectors, I pushed it in until it stopped, and did not realize there is an additional length that needs to be shoved in after it first seems to be all the way in.

    The second problem was a result of using mm drills instead of inch-sized drills.
    I don't have a 3/8" (9.5 mm) drill so I used a 9 mm instead thinking that it is best to err on the smaller size than the bigger.
    This meant that the tubing adapter had to be shoved forcefully into hole in the (rigid) PVC pipe.
    Apparently that was the wrong way to go about it.
    Since the hole was not big enough, the adapter had to be forcefully pushed in. Even though it seemed the washer was pressed tightly against the PVC pipe, it apparently could not press in hard enough to properly seal the connection.
    After enlarging the hole to slightly above 9.5 mm, it allowed the adapter to move freely in the hole which in turn allowed the washer to be tightened to the proper degree.

    Although I was not sure my return side pipe had enough pressure to provide adequate flow, I can go up to 5 on the flow indicator without a problem.


    p.s. My 4 year old loves the smilies and added them to my post
    15 KL (3300 imperial / 4000 US gallons) IG fiberglass pool, 61cm (24") Lacron sand filter, 3/4 HP Hayward pump

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    Re: Installed The Liquidator

    My second year with the liquidator and all's well. First year with the pool the erosion feeder didnt have an indicator knob and unknown to me it was set full open. I dont know how high the chlorine levels went but it did go high enough to "burn" my granddaughter's shoulders where her suit straps were! I'm sure cya was over the top also. Bye Bye tablets,,hello liquidator... I replaced the control valve with a needle valve and will remove the ball gauge after i get it set,using testing instead.Watch about over tightening the ball gauge connections,it is easy to crack (I know!!)....
    I got lucky and found this site....It's been a life saver for sure....
    21000 Gallons I/G,,Vinyl,, 1.5 H.P. Hayward Pump,, Hayward Sand Filter S244T.. Liquidator.

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