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Thread: Help, water leaking INTO my drained pool!

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    Help, water leaking INTO my drained pool!

    I have an in-ground pool which i think is concrete covered with plaster. I just drained the pool so I can paint the bare plaster surface with an epoxy based paint. There is a small leak on the edge of one of the steps (about 1.5 feet below where the water line will be), where water is leaking INTO the pool. There is no crack or obvious point of entry. The water seems to be seeping through the concrete. So far I have ground away the plaster and tried to appily A/B epoxy, but the water just pushes through and finds a new path through the epoxy. What should I do? I'd be happy to provide pictures.

    Thanks for any help you can provide,


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    Re: Help, water leaking INTO my drained pool!

    i have the same thing going on in my pool but with a sizeable crack. we filled the crack with epoxy but left a pencil sized hole for the water to come through, so that the pressure did not build up underneath and cause further damage. the water coming into the pool doesn't seem to affect anything. i don't know what the long term solution is, sorry.
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    Re: Help, water leaking INTO my drained pool!

    Thanks for the info loop_pea, but unfortunately I need to figure out a way to stop the water from coming in before I can apply the epoxy paint. Is there anyone else out there who has come up with a good solution to this. I was thinking perhaps I could drill out a reversed cone shaped cavity and stuff it full of A/B epoxy. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Help, water leaking INTO my drained pool!

    Do you have a well point installed for the pool?
    If not you may look at installing one to pump the water off long enough to get it dried up.
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    Re: Help, water leaking INTO my drained pool!


    So, that's what that rusty old nut at the bottom of my main drain is. I'll see what I can do to get it out when I get home tonight. That's a big help.



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    Re: Help, water leaking INTO my drained pool!

    Welcome to TFP!!

    I would NOT!! mess with that nut!

    There should be a hydrostatic valve there but, if someone sealed that port, there was a reason. What you want to look for is a pipe sticking up around the deep end that you can attach a pump to to drain off the water under/ around the pool.
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    Re: Help, water leaking INTO my drained pool!


    Im new to all of this but I thought that I'd add a few concerns that I would have with your situation. The well pipe would be a good thing to locate.

    if the water table is currently 1.5 feet under your scumline, have you made sure that your pool has a functional hydrostatic valve? We wouldn't want your pool to pop out of the ground.

    also, if you fix this problem long enough to paint the pool, but then it comes back, the water will push the paint off the cement in that spot, no? hydrostatic pressure is pretty powerfull.

    again, I'm not a pro, I'm just offering some words of concern.

    best of luck!
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    Re: Help, water leaking INTO my drained pool!

    Waist and Brownsburg,

    Thanks for your help.

    I decided not to try to remove the nut at the bottom of the drain, as it was rusted to the point of never coming out without breaking something.

    I don't think I'm going to have a problem with my pool popping, as it's been dry for a while and I have a creek about 40 feet to the side of my pool and the water level in the creek is below the bottom of my pool. I'm pretty sure the water seeping into the step is coming from my lawn which is about 6 feet away. I have turned off my sprinklers and I'm hoping the water will go away pretty soon. I seemed to have stopped most of the water by grinding down the area, drilling several angled holes, rolling A/B putty into strands, stuffing the putty into the holes, and then covering the remaining surface with putty. So far there is no more water running down the step, but there is a bit of moisture seaping through the general area. My plan is to do several thin layers of A/B epoxy, letting each cure before applying the next until there is no more moisture. I think this will do the trick.

    Now on to scraping off all the loose plaster on the pool surface. If anyone has any tips on getting this done in less than 5-10 years I love to hear from you. ...


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    Re: Help, water leaking INTO my drained pool!

    Just an update on my leak,

    I managed to seal the moist areas and very slow leaks by packing the area with dry "patch-it" powder. Patch-it is activated by water and sets up in about 2-4 minutes. As the moisture soaks into the dry patch-it powder, it sets and seals the leak. After about 4 hours, I brush away any un-set powder and sand it smooth or add extra pre-mixed patch-it depending on the level of the area. yippee!

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