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Thread: I want to know about pump running time and turnover times???

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    I want to know about pump running time and turnover times???

    Ok, I have read as much as I can, and found a post from 2009 relating to my situation. As so many others have posted here, I too am effected by peak hours of hydro consumption. In my area of Ontario Canada, my rates are as follows

    7pm to 7am low peak 5.9 cents per kw/h
    7am to 11am mid peak 8.9 cent per kw/h
    11am to 5pm high peak 10.7 cents per kw/h
    5pm to 7pm mid peak 8.0 cents per kw/h

    Ok with that said, my last electric/water bill was 585.00 and over 100.00 more than my summer bill last year (first summer with a pool is this year)

    I need to be more responsible with my hydro useage, and feel that my pool needs to become more affordable. These smart meters show us no mercy!!!

    So I have a prologic panel, and I have a timers menu. It allows me to run filtre T1 from a set time to another set time, and T2 filter from a set time to a set time. I hope this means that I can have 2 times to run my pump but not sure.

    So if I have the option to do just one timer, I want to run the pump fro 7pm to 7am, and if the T2 means a second timer for my pump then I want to run pump from 7pm to 7am and then maybe 930am to 11am.

    So I guess I need to figure out if that is enough time 12 hours or 13.5 hours for my pool size.

    I have an 18,000gallon inground pool. I just checked my pump and it is a hayward 1hp super pump. I cant find anything on the net for my flow rate or turn over rate. From what I read, I need to know how many gallons per hour to turn over the water.

    My understanding is that I need to turn the water over at least 2 times a day for it to stay good

    Can anyone with similar equipment or pool size tell me how many gallons my pool turns an hour so i can figure this out.

    please please please!!!!

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    Re: I want to know about pump running time and turnover time

    The rule of thumb is to do one turnover per day, though the actual needs of each pool varies somewhat from that. It is difficult to know how many hours that takes without lots of details about your specific situation, but I'll bet it is somewhere around five or six hours per day for your pool.
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    Re: I want to know about pump running time and turnover time

    5 or 6 for one turn over then?

    So maybe just run my pool from 7pm to 7am. That will cut my hydro well over half!!

    That should give me 2 turn overs a day, but will leaving the water not moving for 12 hours a day cause issues for me?

    Should I up the chlorine generation because the salt will be off for half a day??

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