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Thread: New Pool and BBB Question

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    New Pool and BBB Question

    Hi Everyone (I love smilies!)

    So we have a new pool!

    I'm excited to do the BBB Testing.

    So let's get some information shall we?

    Pool: Intex Ultra Frame 16x48
    According to Intex's website it's 5,061 gallons.
    It came with a filter cartridge. I do not know about the pump, I couldn't find the information on Intex's website
    It's a vinyl liner also.

    Now, for the water.

    This is the first fill and the little wants to go swimming! I thouroughly read the BBB method 4 times, so I'm trying to not ask a question that if I read I could have answered myself!

    I tested my PH and it's at 7.2. However, the site said that there may not be chlorine. However, I tested Chlorine and it's at 3.4. This is just with the red and yellow drop test. I'm awaiting ordering the test kit (Taylor k-2600?). I am on my way to get my water tested at the pool store to see if I can get more complete results to post.

    So, my question is. What do I do now??! I think I might be having issues with the pool calculator, because it's not giving me how much bleach I need to add or anything else. Oh and I have lots of bleach (13 gallons, 5 boxes of mule team borax, 10 boxes of baking soda, bottle of 60% algecide, and some other chemicals, I'll get back to you on what they are! Oh and chlorine 3" tablets

    Ok, I shall return with my water results, and hopefully have some much better information for you! If you need to know anything else, please ask!

    (This is how I feel right now with the kids wanting me to finish the pool so they can swim )
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    Be sure you select your source of goals at the bottom of the pool calculator, in the yellow box.

    Don't use that algaecide!

    You can use your tablets for now if you just filled the pool because a fresh fill won't have any CYA.

    Sounds like you are good to let the kids swim to me!
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    That chlorine you tested is what is in your tap water. Without any stabilizer that will go away in a day. Some places use chloramine for tap water and that is stable for longer but we expect you erl need to add both chlorine and stabilizer. Read Pool School, Temporary and Seasonal Pools.
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    Ok, I'm returning the algecide!

    Okay, so I'm clear here on using the pool calculator the goal for chlorine is 3-7. Since I will be starting with 0 chlorine, I put 0 in there and 6. Do I need to put it as 7? Or is 6 okay? It's telling me I need to add 63oz of bleach. Or I add 7.3oz of dichlor. This is the pool shock. I have pool shock but it's the "ultra" kind. Do I need to exchange for regular? or will it be fine to use?

    The reason I am confused , because after the first 4 days it says FC should be 4?

    So, if I am reading this correctly, my goal right now for the first 4 days is to apply the shock to get Chlorine to 6. Then I need to let it fall to 4? Or do I let it stay at 6?

    I'm just really confused. I'm also contemplating buying the salt water system. I need to research


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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    Just return the shock with the algaecide and buy stabilizer instead. Waiting for pucks to raise CYA to a manageable level takes too long for me. I like using no pucks and putting in known amounts of stabilizer. That way I am in control.

    Target means you want to start the day at that level. Minimum is the lowest it should be ever, usually at the end of the day although it'd be a full day of swim partying to go all the way down to minimum.

    Enter 7 in the calculator for target, not 6. This is what you dose your pool to every night so you can start out the next day with a full day's worth of chlorine.

    You only need to shock if you have combined chlorine or visible algae. Which you don't know yet because you don't have the ability to test for it. Use the pool calculator for your recommended levels (enter in your current CYA number in the "now" column, it will change the recommended levels automatically) till you can test for CC (get the kit). Chances are on a new fill that will work fine and you won't have CC but I never do, I got pre-algae'd water though.
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    Don't waste time and energy looking for a better value on test kits, the TF100 is the best deal around. I did the looking and spent the extra money, but you don't have to make the same mistake. Just go here: TFTestkits. I use Pool Calculator for min/max, and shocking chlorine levels.

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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    Take a deep breath - we'll get you there. Spend time in pool school over the next few days and just let it all sink in. After awhile all those little abbreviations will stop being soooo confusing.

    To start - the only thing you need to do is get some chlorine in the pool. A little CYA will protect the chlorine from sunlight. The powdered shock you have is probably Dichlor - a mix of CYA and Chlorine - so perfect. If you post the chemical ingredient we can confirm for you - but there are really only 2 choices for powdered shock - Dichlor and Calcium Hypo. All that "Ultra" and other non-sense is just put on the packaging to sell product.

    Those Tabs are TriChlor - just a different combination of CYA and chlorine. Also perfectly usable in your situation.

    While you are learning - a couple tabs in a floater will be fine for a few days. Let the kids swim. That little red/yellow tester you have will at least let you know you are close.

    You'll want a decent test kit. is owned by the family that owns this site and they sell the TF100 - which is a good deal for a complete test kit. It's also a great way to support the site. The Taylor K2006 is also a great kit. Both kits use the same Taylor testing chemicals - the only difference is the box. The key is the DPD-FAS chlorine test. Almost all the kits you'll find in a store wont have this test.
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    Hey everyone

    I made a list of the products I purchased the other night at Target. The shock that I purchased is Aqua Chem Shock Xtra blue. This had Copper in it, and I thought I read somewhere not to use copper products? So this needs to be exchanged for plain old shock correct? The other ingredient is Sodium Dichloro-s-triazinetrione 64.05%.

    I do have CYA (Stablizer right?) so I'm good there. I have no clue how to use it, but I've printed off Pool School and am going to read it while the kids are in the pool.

    Last night I did nothing to the pool. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, if I was using the right product, and didn't want to ruin it. I'm assuming tonight will be okay for me to add the first batch of shock? According to pool school I will add 1 oz of Dichlor per every 500 gallons. Since my pool is approx. 5,061 gallons I will add 10 ozs? Or do I round up to 11 ozs?

    I ordered the Taylor-K2006 test last night from Amazon, just awaiting for it to arrive!

    I'm loving this pool so far! My kids were so last night that they went to sleep way before their bedtime!

    I also must thank everyone for being ever so patient with me, and helping me out! I'm really new to all this stuff, and I'm trying my hardest here!
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    In the Industry

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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    So this needs to be exchanged for plain old shock correct?
    Pool stores would have you believe it is a product but it is not. Shock is a verb....something you do to your pool.

    Reread ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry. If you intend to manage your own pool water, it is important to understand why you are adding the ingredients suggested.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    My apologies for stating shock, when I should have said that I want to exchange the "Shock Xtra Blue" for the "plain" shock, which is in fact just DiChlor powder in a casing. I was also going by looking at AquaChem's website for their "shock" products, which is called Shock.

    I'm having trouble finding anything of relevance to using the "Shock Xtra Blue" as it contains copper. Everything I have read about the copper, is geared towards treating algea issues and using copper based algecides. I don't have any algae issues, so what I need to know is, does this copper information pertain to my using this product? Or is it safe for me to use this product "Shock Xtra Blue"?
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    When using the BBB method we refer mostly about a process of shocking the pool with bleach or liquid chlorine and sustaining a FC (free chlorine) level that is determined by the CYA (Cyanuric acid/stabilizer) level in your water. Once you pass three criteria during the shock process then you let your chlorine levels come down to a daily/normal range, again depending on your CYA PPM level.

    All you need for a little pool like this is: Add CYA to get up about 30-50 PPM, bleach or liquid chlorine, to keep your target chlorine #, a little muriatic acid, maybe adding sequestrant if you have metals in your fill water.
    I have never needed baking soda or borax, I have it but haven't needed any yet, if I keep my chlorine levels good all I need to do is add a little MA to knock down the PH a little when I get up to 7.9 or higher.
    I do have some polyquat 60 that I use, just a very little of it, because my pool is 1/3 covered with a big tree that comes over from next door neighbor.
    2 oz after a big storm, after a heavy rain storm and have to drain pool some, or if I get a lot of leaves in it.
    I think I have used maybe 8-10oz this year since filling my pool the 3rd week of April.

    Like the above posts have stated, you need to continue to read and learn and know/why what everything you put in or do to your pool does and the results will be there.
    Our pool just screams at us everyday to come swimming as it's always ready!
    Here's what you'll get if you do this BBB-TFP way!
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    The goal of this website is to make pool care easy. Know what you are putting in the water. Only put in what is needed. Don't buy overpriced combinations of chemicals at pool store prices, when it is cheaper and better to use just what you need.

    You need to keep a safe chlorine level and a safe pH. Stabilizer (CYA) is needed so that the sun doesn't burn all the chlorine out of the water, and the level of chlorine needed is related to the CYA level. The pH is pretty straight forward. For most it rises and you need some acid (MA) to lower it. For others it lowers and they use soda ash, borax, or baking soda to raise it.

    It all sounds harder than it really is. Mostly you just need bleach from the supermarket. About the only "pool chemical" you ever need buy is stabilizer (CYA) and once that is in the water it stays there, so you won't be buying more.
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    Hey All!

    Well I had some unplanned emergency happen and couldn't do anything with my pool for the last 5 days, which has probably not helped my pool. I tested my cholorine, and ph but both are obviously not right (CL won't even read). I followed the pool calculator and added the required 73 oz of 6% bleach, and turned on pump. I set it to run 12 hours, and will check it tomorrow night. My PH level is high (8.2), so I need to get some muratic acid. However, I know that i need CYA (was waiting for my test kit so I know how much), and I read that lowers ph a little bit.

    My question is: Does CYA lower your PH level enough that I do not need to add muratic acid?

    My other question is, since my test kit is not here yet argh!, should I take my water to pool store to be tested, find out all levels, and go from there? Or is it ok to use the PH/CL test for the next few days until my kit gets here?

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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    I had um one more question that I forgot to ask!

    On reading about the Borates, I see that is optional enhancement that helps control PH, alegea and water feel.

    Is this something that I should look into doing? I'm going to research the board about it, but I was brushing up on pool school again
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    You need to lower your pH to about 7.4ish ASAP & don't be concerned about the effect from CYA.

    Borates is something that, if you decide to do it, you do it AFTER everything else is perfect!
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    OK, I will go get some muratic acid in the morning. Everything is closed now and it's an hour and half drive.

    Thanks of the borates, not something I plan on doing yet, if at all, I just want to get this pool back before it goes too far
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    One more thing. I suggest that you start a log book that shows what is gong on with the pool. Enter the same data you have told us, when you filled the pool, how big it is, the specs on equipment. Then add dates and test data, what you added to the pool, volume, why you added it, and the result you wanted.
    in chart form
    FC ____0___
    chlorine type___bleach 6%__
    volume ___8 1/2 cups___
    FC goal___7ppm___
    volume___26 oz__
    pH goal___7.5___
    Then when you check tomorrow you will be certain what you did and why. And next month, and next year at this time, you may want to know these things. When you get the test kit, continue adding the needed rows for the other tests, leaving a comment area for things like rain storms, power failures, heavy usage, etc. That stuff will all blur together if you are not taking notes. And it will help you to find the time to get out and test the water when you see it has been a few days.
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    Anona- That is a great idea! I'm definitely going to start one up! Thank you very much!
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    Hey everyone!

    I finally got my Taylor k2006 (or is it 2006k?) today!

    I'm so excited to use it, and I was going to "practice" tonight, but with those storms outside, I'm not doing anything!

    I did have one question (besides reading the included instructions), is there somewhere on this site that has a "familiarize yourself with your test kit" type school? I looked at Pool School but the only thing I saw pertaining to kits was the "Test Kits compared".

    Yay! I'm so excited!!!!
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    There is an Extended Test Kit Directions topic written for the test kits. You can read it and it may help.
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    Re: New Pool and BBB Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Bama Rambler
    There is an Extended Test Kit Directions topic written for the test kits. You can read it and it may help.
    Totally agreed!! Excellent reading!! It really explains the why's? what's? and How Come's??? And on top of that, gives you some troubleshooting techniques for certain tests!!
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