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Thread: Slimy, green frog pond

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    Slimy, green frog pond

    So, my family and I are very grateful to have bought a lovely family home on acreage. Just one hitch: it came with a green slimly cement pond, Kermit the Frog, poly wogs and all. We moved in wo weeks ago and I've used gallons of chemicals, broken 2 filters (one a rented portable) and spent almost 2k, and I'm ready to rent a bobcat. I've not unpacked my kitchen but I spent every waking hour thinking about and working on that pool.

    Here is where I am now: I have a brand new DE Pentair Filter FNS Plus 60 Square Ft. with new back wash valve. The pump is a Purex-Triton Whisperflo ¾ HP, I've ordered a new o ring for the lid. The pool & spa is 31k gallons below ground gunite with failing plaster, one broken ladder rung and a non fuctioning diving board, the pool was built in 1978.

    The pump doesn't hold a prime. It will build to 20 psi and then drop to 0, then build up again. There are air bubbles in the jets that go into the pool as it starts to build pressure. I have read the pool school article on leaks and will proceed. I am thinking of hiring a professional, I did the filter myself.

    I am on well water that is very hard and full of iron. I use a calcite filter on the well and a metals filter on the hose to the pool. I will post the test results I can get with the simple test kit I have tomorrow. I will get a better test kit soon. (thanks for this advice)

    Finally here are my questions: Am I right to stop all chemicals until the filter is working properly? How bad is it for the pump to build to prime and then drop off? Should I add a debris basket to the vacuum handle (assuming I can get the pump to prime enough to vacuum)? Kind words, advice and pool prayers are welcome.
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    Re: Slimy, green frog pond

    Welcome to TFP!

    It sounds like you have an air leak on the suction side of the pump. You already mentioned that you have a new o-ring to seal the pump strainer basket on order. That might be where the air leak is coming from.

    Having a debris canister on the vacuum is very nice, but not absolutely essential.

    Have you worked at getting everything solid out of the pool that you can with a leaf rake?

    You should wait on starting chemicals until the pump is working reliably and you have gotten all of the solid debris you possibly can out of the pool.
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    Re: Slimy, green frog pond

    Don't give up... while having a pool in need can be a very frustrating experience... having a beautiful, crystal clear oasis is a wonderful thing. You can achieve that through this forum. You will find the knowledge here to put you in control of your own pool, and you will find the support to help you every step of the way. Most of the people here are here because they too once had a swamp to deal with.

    First, the mechanics need to be sorted and even a novice can do that with input from the pool guru's here. Second, a good test kit is critical. The prescribed method here involves shocking the pool with liquid chlorine (or household bleach) at much higher levels than the commonly found tests will accommodate. Most of us have purchased the TF-100 that is offered by the owner of this site, as it is a wonderful product, but you are not bound to do that. There is a Taylor test kit available as well that will be adequate but I am not familiar with it at all. I just know that you will continue with your frustration level without a proper test kit.

    Third, at the top right of this page, there is a button labeled POOL SCHOOL, it contains all the information you need to get your pool up and running and explains the chemistry involved in getting your swamp crystal clear and maintaining a healthy pool for your family. It can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but ask any questions you have and you will get answers. This is a friendly forum and no one gets thumped on the head for asking questions. One of the most important things to understand is the shocking procedure and the fact that it is an ongoing process with a clear and definite end point. For some, it can take days to complete and for others, such as myself, it can take several weeks, but the end result is always the same... a clean, clear, sparkling healthy pool.

    Good luck!
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