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Thread: White Particles??

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    White Particles??

    Hi All!
    I have seen TREMENDOUS improvement in my pool since this time last week thanks to this awesome forum!!

    I have a couple of questions, though:

    There seems to be a lingering slight cloudiness that hasn't changed much in the last couple of days. I was in the pool today vacuuming with goggles on, and I could see tons of small white particles floating in the water - what is this? Is it just part of the process (pool was pretty much a swamp when we started)?

    Also, I am STILL cleaning the filter (cartridge) every 3 hours or so, the pressure goes way up - and it's dirty when I clean it. When I was at the pool store today, I mentioned it to the clerk and she looked at me like I had horns coming out of my head. We just bought a new filter about 6 weeks ago. Should I still be needing to clean it that much or is there some other problem.

    Here's my latest numbers:
    FC - 8.1
    TC - 8.3
    CC - .2
    pH - 8.0
    CH - 180
    TA - 157
    CYA - 10
    Copper - .37
    Iron - .37

    I have some CYA in a sock, haven't seen a change in that # yet in a week, and I added 1 gallon of MA today for the pH/Alkalinity.

    Thanks in Advance!
    Our is pool is a 33,000 gallon ig concrete pool with a cartridge filter.

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    Re: White Particles??

    That's dead algae. It needs to be filtered out. Keep brushing and vacuuming, maintain the chlorine and soon it'll just clear up one night. Keep the pump on. It's needing to be cleaned more often right now because it's catching all the dead algae it possibly can. Even non-green pools have that white stuff after shocking, if yours was a swamp a week ago it sounds like you're almost there... just a few more days.

    What's fun is having a light at night inside the pool, watching the particles float past it... and then one night you go out and you can't see a single particle in the light area and start to mull over ideas to create some pool drama so you won't be so bored!

    Oh, squish that sock so the CYA disperses. I got 20ppm squished out of a sock and dissolved (testable) in a couple hours. You do want it higher than 10 sooner than later.
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