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Thread: Stray Voltage-Bonding

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    Stray Voltage-Bonding

    I recently had a 15x30 inground with a salt chlorinator installed.I know the electrician had the bonding wire hooked to all metal before the concrete was poured.I am getting a slight shock when touching the concrete when wet.My electrician came out and double checked his work and said my service didnt have a ground rod because its not visible,had concrete poured over it.I drove a ground rod and hooked it to the box and same shock happenin.Now I possibly have 2 rods at my service,it had to be done before they would return.I had another elec.look at it he had no answer either.I have a 400 amp service on my house and I turned off both main breakers which turns off all power and went out and still gettin shocked with no power running to my house.I notice the bonding wire makes its loop around the pool to the pump housing where it is attached to that.It also pigtails off that and goes to the legs of my electric panel by my pool,which seems to me would make the bonding wire tied to the ground since it is attached to the leg right below the gfci.I have called the electric company and they are gonna try to make it out today.There is also a buried phone line 20 yards away from the pool.Anybody ever experience this?Thanks Larry

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    Re: Stray Voltage-Bonding

    What is the construction of the pool? is it a liner pool?
    Is there a light in the pool?
    Was it hooked to the rebar in several places?
    Is there a water bond somewhere?
    Is the bonding loop extended to the swcg?

    One thing you can try is to take a piece of bare wire and clamp it to the bonding loop and then stick the end in the water and see if it still has a potential. That will tell you if it's a water bonding issue.
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    Re: Stray Voltage-Bonding

    There is no need to ground the bonding system, though it usually is grounded.

    Most likely there are ground currents in your area. Ground currents are normally the result of the utility company making a mistake somewhere in the area, allowing a high voltage wire to connect to ground. Power runs from there through the ground in various directions, creating voltage differences between different spots on the ground.

    In this case it sounds like the bonding system and the pool water are at different potentials. That suggests that something touching the water is not properly bonded. Figuring out what isn't bonded can take some effort. One approach is to use a long wire and a multi-meter to measure the voltage between the bonding system and various parts of your pool. Anything that shows more than a microscopic voltage difference between it and the bonding system is a problem.
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    Re: Stray Voltage-Bonding

    1.Poly wall/vinyl liner
    2.Yes LED I think
    3.No Rebar-fiber mesh with sona tube supports
    4.Not sure on waterbond
    5.Not that I noticed just to pump housing then from there to the legs on the panel below the GFCI

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    Re: Stray Voltage-Bonding

    I will try the bare wire and get some readings after work

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    Re: Stray Voltage-Bonding

    Disconnect the Equi Grid bonding wire from the motor and put a meter on that.......
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    Re: Stray Voltage-Bonding

    Quote Originally Posted by chucklh
    Disconnect the Equi Grid bonding wire from the motor and put a meter on that.......
    Will do,thanks

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