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Thread: my spill over spa light fills with water!!!!

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    my spill over spa light fills with water!!!!

    When we ordered our spill over spa it showed up with a light, although we had not ordered it that way, the contractor decided to hook it up for us although they were not thrilled about it
    My wife loved the light with the different coloured lenses, but it only lasted a few months before it started working intermitantly.

    Eventually it stopped working and the pool company replaced the 12 volt transformer and it seemed to work again although it really was not the problem I learned last week.

    Again it stopped working and I know it has an incadescent bulb that it works off of. You could see through the clear lense that there was water in the light. I was amazed because the the thread on the lense is like 3" long and there is a rubber gasket so how does it get in there was a mystery to me. I decided maybe I could change the bulb to an led light that is used in the sign business as they are waterproof to a certain degree.

    None of my wrenches was big enough to get the lense off so off to Lowes and $35.00 later I proceeded to get the lense off. The water drained out and I took the bulb out and wondered if after allowing it dry out if it would ever work again. It must have had that water in there all winter and the reflector plate was cracked and brittlle. I dried it out with plenty of paper towels and allowed it to dry out all afternoon. Replaced the bulb and switched it on and it worked!!!

    screwed the lense in tight with the gasket and even put a bead of silicone around the edge for further waterproofing.

    The skies were mean so I covered it all with a towel to try and keep it dry. Naturally it rained quite a bit and when I returned later I refilled the spa. Later as I walked to the far side of the pool I looked at the lense and I swear I see a water line half way up the lense again.... I was ****** and could not figure out how on earth that water could get in there. Tried the light and it still works...for now.

    I thought about it and I think the water is not getting in from the spa but from around the spa where the plastic meets the concrete. Next project was to run a bead of weatherproof caulking completely around the spa.

    Not sure if that will do the trick but wonder if anyone else has had issues with there spa light?

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    Re: my spill over spa light fills with water!!!!

    If you can see water in the light, leave it off for safety.
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