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Thread: cloudy water camequick and took about 5 days to clear? why?

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    cloudy water camequick and took about 5 days to clear? why?

    I was pretty sure I had my water in good condition and tested daily with the those paper strips you just dip in and wait 15 seconds. I know its not the best way to really know but gives me enough info as far as clorine and ph are concerned. Last weekend which was hot but not rediculously hot, we had the filter running continually and on Monday the cloudiness started. I ran a backwash and I increased the settings on the chlorinator and threw in more pucks and it continued to get to the point where you could hardly see the main drain. I put in shock and increased the chlorinator settings to high. It took 3 days to battle the cloud and now I have it nice and clear as the week was not to hot and and a bit overcast.
    Tonight I saw a little spot of algae on the side and got my scrubber and after scrubbing it and clearing it, I decided to just brush the bottom of the pool and although it looked very clean as I pushed the brush I could see a slight green cloud move a head of the brush,so I tossed in the vacuum and let it run around for a couple of hours.

    I guess my question it normal to see that cloudy haze when I brush the bottom of the pool? and how does one keep it away?

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    Re: cloudy water camequick and took about 5 days to clear? w

    You really, really should order one of the test kits. The test strips are not all that accurate, neither are pool stores, and they don't contain all the information that you need in order to maintain a pool. When you have a problem, such as algae, you need better than test strips for sure.

    If you've seen algae, you most likely have enough CC that you need to shock. Shocking is not a chemical ... it is a process. Check out "pool school" .. "how to shock" and you will find the info you need to get rid of the algae there. Once completed, your pool will be safer for swimming and sparkling.

    Sometimes pollen or dust will settle on the bottom of the pool but if you've seem algae it's the likely culprit... esp if you're seeing any green w/it.

    You should make sure your ph is in range prior to shocking.

    Pucks are not a great thing to be using unless you know what your CYA &/or CH levels are.. they add other ingredients that your pool only needs a small amount of. They build up in the pool and cause problems overtime. CYA is the major culprit, the other is calcium... neither one do you want too much of in your pool, they are both necessary but in limited amounts.
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    Re: cloudy water camequick and took about 5 days to clear? w

    this test kit you speak of...are they just the regular test kit you buy at the poolstore or are they better and where can i get one?

    You speak of pollen and we have had an enormous amount of it this year so that may have been what I was seeing. Generally my water is in pretty good shape although this new algae problem started late last season and now it seems that I can find a small 1" x 1" little green spot in a few places here and there.
    I will review poolschoolagain and see what I am missing


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    Re: cloudy water camequick and took about 5 days to clear? w

    Some of the test kits we recommend are occasionally found in pool stores, but that is actually exceptionally rare. I recommend the TF100 from The Taylor K-2006 is also good. In both cases it is best to order them over the Internet, the prices are better and deliver is usually very fast.
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    Re: cloudy water camequick and took about 5 days to clear? w

    OK I see the kit and yes it sure looks a lot more extensive than anything I have seen available anywhere.

    I am in Canada and would like to have it shipped via us post office as if we use fed ex I am pretty sure I get hit up with brokerage charges ($60) to get it here on top of everything else.
    Do they deliver to Caanda via post?

    If so I will order it.

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    Re: cloudy water camequick and took about 5 days to clear? w

    Due to an agreement with a Canadian firm, Taylor won't allow Tftestkits to ship to Canada. Your only option is a K-2006 from a Canadian supplier. There was a post the other day that listed some suppliers up there.
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    Re: cloudy water camequick and took about 5 days to clear? w

    To purchase the Taylor K-2006 in Canada...

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