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Thread: Water tested, now what

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    Water tested, now what

    We have been dealing with algae and cloudy water in our pool. We just installed the Intex 14" sand filter. Our ph is over 8.4 according to the testing kit. We have been using HTH products to try to balance the water. So today, I finally took the water in to have it tested at our local pool/spa store. The results of the test are as follows.


    Temperature: 82

    Saturation Idx: 1.3

    TDS: 1400

    CYA: 0

    Tot. Chlorine: 0.2

    Free Chlorine: 0

    pH: > 8.8

    Tot. Alkalinity: 313

    Adj. Total Alkalinity: 313

    Tot. Hardness: 68

    Salt: n/a (we don't have the saltwter generator)

    Vitalizer: 7

    Copper: not tested

    Iron: not tested

    Maganese: No

    Cloudy: Extensive

    Staining: none

    Copper Stain None

    Iron stain: no
    Quat: not tested

    green Algae: Extensive

    Black Algae, Mustard Algae, slime/mold no or none

    Their suggestions: Phos Free to get metals out of water, Add 1 pt of Muriatic Acid for 14 days, Add 2 lbs of stabilizer, add 1 bad burn Out 3, 10 oz of Algae Predator. The Phos Free is about $40 and the Algae Predator is $32.99.

    Is there a cheaper way to do this with BBB, or do you have any better suggestions. The products that this analysis is for is Bio Guard. Are their products better than HTH?

    They've given instructions for how to add the chemicals. How long do you think it will be before we can use the pool?

    Thanks for any help. I do have the larger test kit from Walmart, and have read pool school, but it's been a while.

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    Re: Water tested, now what

    Why would you add metal remover considering they didn't test for some and you have none of the other? Scratch the Phos Free and Pool..........I mean Algae Predator. Use the pool calculator to determine how much MA to add to lower your PH first and then how much CYA to add to get you to 30. Read shocking your pool and do it with good old bleach. See the CYA chlorine chart also in pool school.
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    Re: Water tested, now what

    All you need is a good test kit and a bunch of chlorine and a little muriatic acid.
    The first thing to do is use the Pool Calculator to figure out how much acid you need to add to bring the pH down to about 7.5. Do it in a couple of steps. You don't want to add it all at once as it may not take as much as it thinks it will.

    After you've done that post back and we'll start the shocking.
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