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Thread: How much CYA is in Triclor Puck?

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    How much CYA is in Triclor Puck?

    Is there a way to calculate how much CYA will go up with the use of pucks?

    I've read someplace that the pucks are half chlorine and half stabilizer, true? The tablets say they are 90% available chlorine; does that mean they are 10% cya?

    I'm at 60 ppm CYA and am using pucks. I plan on switching over to Clorox soon. But I have a bucket of tablets that I don't want to waste and we are going out of town for a week, then back home for two weeks and then gone again for a week. Tablets are very convenient when not home to add Clorox daily. I'm trying to figure out how much my CYA is going to go up if I continue to use pucks while we are away, or even if I continue to use them until my 25lb bucket of pucks is used up. If they are 10% cya then a 25 lb bucket of tablets used over the course of the summer would raise the CYA by 22ppm in a 13k pool

    Another question that maybe should be asked in a different post but here goes anyway: Eventually I want to switch to a automated system for liquid chlorine. I've read a few post about the liquidator and also about some kind of chlorine pump? I need a 100 level course on this topic because I didn't follow much of what I read........ But this is for later, probably next spring.......
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    Re: How much CYA is in Triclor Puck?

    The tablets are 10% CYA by weight, but that's not the whole story.

    For every 10 ppm of chlorine added by trichlor, CYA goes up by about 6 ppm.

    Have you tried It's a brilliant tool that can work out the exact numbers.

    25lb in 13k gallons is 128 ppm CYA !! (if I've done it right)
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    Re: How much CYA is in Triclor Puck?

    I'm at 60 ppm CYA and am using pucks. I plan on switching over to Clorox soon.
    YOu need to switch now. The single biggest issue posted on this forum is over-stabilized pools. Your's is about to be.

    The siren song of their convenience will soon be outweighed by the aggravation you will go through having to drain water and burn up extra chlorine managing your pool.
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