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Thread: I NEVER have 0 CC...

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    I NEVER have 0 CC...

    Using FAS/DPD...

    15,000 gal plaster in ground.

    CYA: 30

    Pool is largely in the shade, and often covered with a solar cover, so I am usually adding just a few cups of bleech... keeping my FC at a steady 5.

    Water is always stable as a rock. A few glugs of acid a week keep the pH right in line.

    BBB is wonderful... Pool just about takes care of itself.

    The only thing is that my CC is NEVER 0.

    After calculating my FC, I put my 5 drops of 0003 in, and it ALWAYS turns a light shade of pink, which is disolved with a single drop of 871.

    Nothing to worry about I know... Was just wondering if anyone else experiences similar.

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    Re: I NEVER have 0 CC...

    It is normal to have some CC in the water. That just tells you that your chlorine is doing its job. When you need to address the CC is only when it is > 0.5 ppm. Less than that is ok and requires no further worry or treatment.

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    Re: I NEVER have 0 CC...

    Your good as long as you don't over 1 drop on the test to get back to clear.
    Mine sometimes uses 1 drop, other times no pink! It just depends a lot on weather, sun, bather load, pump running time and other things that might get in the pool from the wind blowing.
    I never need 2 drops, (TF-100 kit) so that proves to me I'm good!

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    Re: I NEVER have 0 CC...

    Very normal in a covered pool. If I leave my pool cover on for any extended period of time the CC can rise quite a bit, which I used to shock for. A sunny morning (rare in the UK) normally brings it back down again without shocking. Just part of the getting to know your own pool process.
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    Re: I NEVER have 0 CC...

    If you wanted to you could use a 25ml sample and run the tests. Each drop is .2 instead of .5 so you'd know if it's actually lower than .5.
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    Re: I NEVER have 0 CC...

    I'm about 75% of the time no CC, and <.5 the other. I keep my FC about where you do (4-6), and the CC comes and goes without reason, so I don't worry about it. One less thing to think about right?
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    Re: I NEVER have 0 CC...

    While I fully agree with the above responses, do you brush or vacuum the 'low circulation' areas regularly? If the pool has dropped to ~ 0 fc at any time this season, algae might have taken hold, and once it does, a couple ppm chlorine isn't going to kill it in the 'low flow' spots
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