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Thread: how much bleach to use each day

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    how much bleach to use each day

    I used my new tf100 kit for the first time yesterday and I am really happy with my first test results,Ithink. fc 4.0,cc.5,cya 70, ta140,ph7.8. According to pool calculator my cl should be 8.0. I added 3 gallons of bleach as suggested. My question is how much bleach should i add,each day,to maintain 8.0 cl. Do i need to do a titration cl test each day or can i just add a quart,or so, of cl each day. Sorry if this question is not explained that well. THANKS for any help on this.

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    Re: how much bleach to use each day

    The pool calculator recommends a range of 5 to 10 for your FC. My suggestion is for your target to be 5 ppm + (your daily FC loss on average) + 1 ppm for a little bit of cushion. For example, if you lose 2.5 ppm per day, then you would want to target 5 + 2.5 + 1 = 8.5 ppm.

    The pool calculator shows that to go from a FC of 4 to 8 ppm, you need to add 274 ounces (2.14 gallons) of 6 % bleach.

    It is best to test each day to be sure what you level is instead of estimating.

    You should also test your calcium hardness to make sure that it isn't too high.
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    Re: how much bleach to use each day

    Every pool has its own personality. Plus chlorine usage varies depending on temperature, sunlight, and especially bather load. There's no way around daily testing at first. After a few weeks you might see a pattern, and can guesstimate how much to add. But if you're using, say 3 qts/day, I'd dump a gallon in on the days I didn't test. Just for that slight safety margin.

    You don't want to let FC slip and let algae get a start. You have a BIG pool, it would be a huge project to shock that one.
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    Re: how much bleach to use each day

    Thanks for the help James & Richard. Being new at this game it really means a lot to have advice to got to. I'm sure my confidence and skill at this will improve over time. Glad you're out there.

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    Re: how much bleach to use each day

    I've been testing mine at least a few times a week. Daily at first, I've put everything in a spreadsheet, including my estimates. Most days I add 42 oz to get +2ppm, but then again my bather load has been zero and the solar cover has been on for the last week

    Also, I have doubled up a few times to anticipate storms coming through and when they don't I have a bit extra.

    75 and windy makes it cold even with the water at 87-88. Cloudy doesn't help either. I want last summer back!!
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